Summary: This is going to be a love story of two teenagers, of the age of 17/18. It's their last year in school. But there are twists. Jasutin doesn't know who Kyatoriina is and Kyatoriina doesn't know who Jasutin is. Both aren't that popular in school as well. But one night they have dreams of each other, not knowing who the other person is, and are greatly disturbed by it. Read more to enjoy! First chapter will be Jasutin's point of view and dream, and next will be Mai's. Later (Please read and review)!

(Jaustin's Point of View)

(The boy is having a dream, in bed still sleeping from a busy day at school)

"I have finally figured out what it is about you…" I began, as I noticed she was gentle floating, as if, to the ground.

Her hair was churned in the air from the winds impact. Her beauty was quite evident, and I knew no one was capable of matching it. Not even her child, if she would have one, would look quite as pretty and adorable as her. "God captured beauty, and you molded it into you, because that is all I see when I look upon you, and when I look upon you, I become hypnotized… I can't help but be caught in your trance emitted by such a pretty face…"

She smiled brightly, as the sun began the rise. Maybe her smile did make the sun rise. I really wasn't sure. I didn't care. What I did care about was her. Her dress was blowing against the winds force, and her hair began fall down as I reached out and grabbed her, and held onto her. Her skin was perfectly smooth, as I wrapped my scrawny arms around her waist and felt her delicate body against my arms. I looked up to meet her eyes, and a huge smile was there to greet me. The smile was very comforting, but then she turned away.

Loud explosions were heard from a rather far distance and caught my attention as well. I looked in the very distance were the sounds were emitted. I let go of her and looked into the very distance. I also noticed that the girl was crying very loudly. I'm not really sure what the cause was, but I believe the loud abrupt noises were the sole cause of it. She finally reached and hugged me as I saw something flying towards us. Fear overwhelmed me, as I noticed the cliff of the mountain we were on. I decide to jump with her. We both began plummeting head first to the bottom of the mountain and just before we hit the ground, everything stopped…

I woke up in a bad sweat, as I sat up in a semi soaked bed. My breathing was heavy. The dream was almost too real. Way too real. But the girl in my dream… she looks so familiar, and I can't put my finger unto it to figure it out. "Jasutin, I'm leaving. Your lunch is sitting out on the kitchen table. Come home right after school and watch your sister, I think the baby sitter is very tired this week." yelled his mom, as she parted from the house, leaving him alone to prepare for school.

After several minutes of preparing for school, Jasutin readied himself, grabbed his books and took his lunch, but as he walked out of the door, he felt weird, and a flashback was resonating in his head. It was the girl, and he saw her walking to…school, his school? He wasn't really sure of what was going on. Then moments later as he began to walk to his school, he looked up and saw the figure, the girl. And she looked up at him. Both looked away caught in each others embarrassment and walked off to class.