Summary: Here, In chapter 3, the two talk about meeting each other for recess, and then how the react after they met each other and how their friends react and how their lifestyles vary. Then Flashbacks were emitted again. Kyatoriina saw Jasutin hurt himself, and Jasutin saw Kyatoriina make her self throw up. AfterThey went to class, and an unforgettable event happens… Read and find out! PLEASE READ AND REVIEW! Chapter four is still in the works!

(Jasutin's Point of view)

She began to walk over to me. Damn, my knees are rattling, and my brows are soaked. She's still coming towards me…. She sure is beautiful though. "Hi, what's your name? I don't think I ever met you before. My name is Kyatoriina." added the girl, as she completely caught me off guard.

Her smile was so familiar … like the girl from the dream… "Uh, sorry, my name is Jasutin!" I gladly replied, with much awkwardness.

"Well, can I talk to you at recess." asked the girl, as she stared unto me.

I couldn't reply. It was almost impossible. I felt like I was paralyzed, unable to move. Act or acknowledge her. Wow, I still can't get over how beautiful she really is. It's just so… right, I should reply. "Sure. Where do you want to meet at?" I asked as she momentarily giggled.

"How about, we meet each other, outside the school. Oh, I got to go. Bye!" added Kyatoriina, as she waved farewell, and began to walk to the facility commonly known as a school.

"Hey Jasutin, who was that?" asked Izzy as I turned to face one of my best friends.

"Kyatoriina, and she wants to talk to me at recess, but she I don't know why, but I had the strongest feeling that I knew her…"

(Kyatoriina's Point of view)

At first I thought he was a total nerd. That's the kind of people I see him hang around with, but he seems really nice, and… the dream… It looks like he is the exact person, but… "Hey Kyatoriina, who was the boy you were talking to?" teased Kyatoriina's friend, Kari, as she wanted me to immediately tell from the presumptuous look she gave me.

Kari was a good friend to me, but she was like any other girl. She gossiped and started rumors, just like any girl, even me. I don't mean to, but maybe it's a trait only females have. I have no clue why. "To be honest Kari, I'm not really sure. I just had to ask him about … a project…that's all." I lied, as I looked at her with a smile, a fake one too.

She briefly found out I made up a story to keep the story safe for later. I approached the doors to the school, and then it happened again, another flashback. The boy was walking into the bathroom, and I saw something that completely churned my blood, and the fluids in my stomach. He sat in an empty stall, with tears running down his cheeks. He brushed his face clear of the metallic tinted liquid and took out a peculiar small piece of metal, a razor. He lifted up his sleeve revealing his scarred wrist, and he placed it firmly on his wrist and sliced his bare skin as blood oozed out from the slit passageway. I noticed too he squinted, and had done it in the manner that he could easily take his life, and then I was brought back to reality, as I found Kari aiding me in picking me up. "Are you alright?" asked the skinny figure, as I looked up at her as she pulled me back up to my feet.

(Jasutin's Point of view)

"I think I'm fine!" I replied, as the thought still made my stomach queasy.

I saw Kyatoriina enter a bathroom stall, and she best over a stall. She shoved two of her fingers down her throat as she violently threw up. But what she had thrown up was the most unpleasant. Dark, red suede liquid spewed the girl's mouth. As she eventually stopped from her self righteous bulimic ways, she wiped her mouth, and noticed that it wasn't the stuff contained in her stomach. It was the liquid that gave her skin color, helped her breathe and live, blood. She began to panic and then shortly after, she fainted as the flashback ceased to exist.

"Dude, cover up your wrist, and I thought you told your mom that you were going to stop?" presumably asked Izumi who every one calls Izzy.

I looked away. Was I supposed to? But it was the only thing that made me feel… real. "Yeah, I guess so." I quietly told Izzy, as I let the white lie slip from my mouth and penetrate his mind (I don't need him worrying about me).

"Good. Cover it up and let's go or we'll be late for class for class!" explained Izzy as he hinted towards his watch.

"Right…" I sighed as we both made it to class, sort of on time.

(Kyatoriina's Point of view)

"Well class, now it's time for a open discussion, or whatever you want to call it." declared the best teacher of the school, Mr. Fujiyama.

"Teens and their neurotic behavior that teen have used and still use in today's current society."

I looked over to my left and saw the boy again. He is really cute! Oops, I think he caught me looking at him again. I got to stop starring like that. He probably thinks I'm weird or something. But maybe it'll work out after all. Oh I think I ate too much this morning. Lately, I've been watching my weight so that I don't become fat. When I do eat, I usually up chuck it back up. Yes I'm bulimic. I like my weight around a certain low number, like ninety five pounds or ninety nine pounds. I hate it when I get over ninety five or ninety nine pounds. It bothers me. My mom is rather big as well as my aunt and grandmother. "Our first topic is both uses and one use of the most commonly used ways to satisfy their depression. Bulimia and depressing thoughts, and when I mean depression, I mean down on ones self, suicidal thoughts, wrist cutting, etc." begun Mr. Fuiyama, as my face reddened, and sunk to the bottom of my chair.

"Mrs. Huo, do you have something to share?" asked Mr. Fujiyama, as I was completely caught off guard and unaware that my reddened face was visible to everyone else.

Should I be embarrassed? "Yes sir," I said firmly with much gained composure, "I am bulimic and proud too."

The class was shocked and alarmed at this very thought, but I felt they should know about it, right? I looked over and I saw Jasutin get up and exit the classroom. My mind kicked back in, the flashback. "Umm… Mr. Fujiyama may I be excused to use the bathroom?" I pleasantly asked, as I began to cry.

He nodded as I faked crying and began to follow Jasutins foot steps. I can't believe he bought the acting though. I was never a good actor! It was really badly done. Now it's time to find that silly boy as the classroom door to Mr. Fujiyama's firmly closed.

I close in on the bathroom to the left of the hall, as I looked left and right to find traces of Jasutins whereabouts. My feet began to advance forward, closer and closer to the hallways left sided bathroom. I ran to it, and I pushed the door open, as it created a perfect obstacle in the doorways frame. I feel as if something is happening to him. Then thoughts of Jasutin filled my mind from the flashback. Him slitting his wrist… I entered to the bathroom.

Jasutin sat with an open wounded wrist as he bent his head over, and tears endlessly fell from the trembling fear of rejection. Falling liquid metal dropped unto the ground, just as quickly as I gasped and fell on my knees. My stomach was almost too weak to hold its own contents. I almost thought throwing up right there and now, but I decided not to. I was caught up in the boys' trauma. He was still oblivious of me in the bathroom. "Jasutin…please stop… no more, your hurting me…" I truthfully told the boy as I felt my own tears forming around my eyelids.

The boy looked up at me, almost demanding help through his solemn facial expressions, and I thought to myself, that I would be that one to help him.