Subliminal Romance

I watch her from afar the moonlight highlights her perfect smooth skin. She's a portrait of supreme beauty that was once mine but fate's cruel function parted us. She can never see me for who I am now the shadow of the man I was once was I'm now a beast, a child of the dark, a night stalker. For her to see me would be the cross over of boundaries of two worlds that should never meet. I creep closer to her window watching her brushing her silk like hair. She has no idea of my presence yet I beg to call for her. I almost feel emotion in my cold dead soul as I look at her figure. The way her night dress hangs over her curves her cherry lips so inviting. All of these things I used to enjoy by her side I am now forced to watch behind a screen of ill fortune. It's been six months since she last touched my heart with her voice. I remember watching the local police force tell her of my death. Her eyes swelled with tears I watched it all as she was told everything about my passing all but one detail. My love was never told of the unexplainable puncture wounds on my neck that had baffled even the highest ranking doctors the country had to offer this detail was never spoken of to her or my family. Even the funeral was a show put on by me a closed empty casket was wept over as I watched from the shade and then more than ever I wished to tell her I was here and still the man she loved even though my soul knows I'm not.

The sun begins to rise and I must leave my love in silence to return to my personal hell in the shadows of the over world. I lay in the dark her face printed on my mind no matter how hard I try to erase it. I get my rest before venturing out into the night to her dwelling once again unknowing that this night would be different. As I hide in the dark watching her bedroom window I see not just her but another man. Had she replaced me so quick? If my heart was beating I'm sure it would be pounding in my chest. I feel an anger that I have never experienced before an anger of almost primal strength as I watch their bodies tangle on the cotton sheets on which I once laid my warm body. I have to do something but I cannot for I am dead to the world. I control the anger yet I cannot pull my focus from them I watch the whole thing I watch her fall asleep in his arms and it's at this point I realise that all I can ever do is watch her may not be true.

After what seems like forever I lose all control of my body and mind I know what has to be done for us to be together I pull my pale frame through her window and into her room her sent hits me like a powerful breeze I can hear her soft breathing like that of an angel I exchange glances between him and her I clasp his head in my cold white hands and with a sudden twist he's gone silent and peaceful. Now to reclaim my love in the only way possible I push aside her hair to reveal her neck she stirs slightly but does not wake "We will be together my love" I whisper as I reunite us in immortality.