You stood there and watched,

Watched the screen with such an intent gaze

That I knew you saw something

Far deeper than what I saw.

Before us roared a mighty creature;

A king of bygone lands,

His master weapon not in his hand

But thrusting, twice, from his own maw.

This king prowled and raced

Across the grasslands,

Striking fear into its subjects,

For this king was a killer,

Something long forgotten by the passage of time.

Now, my little Ash,

A tamed fragment of what once was

Stands there and stares at her ancestor.

What she might be thinking

In that sharp brain of hers

I cannot know;

But I understand what I see.

For that same gleam of the Sabre's eyes

Is there, shining from the eyes of Ash:

The same lantern of wisdom and perception

Shared by one creature.

Though between the Sabre and Ash

Stands the thick, immovable wall of Time,

I know that the two are one;

Bound for all eternity

By their beginning;

Marked as one by existence.

In those deep, pensive eyes of Ash

I see the Sabre

And I shake in fear.