Flowing dreams drenched in sunlight

River gleams under the sun so bright

That flowing of comfort in warm embrace

Softest of blankets to cover your sweet face

Golden sunset and starry night

Crescent moon and glowing light

Your essence is potent with elation

Growing, never in degradation

Sweet tickle, soft caress

That summer morning heat bless

You don't admit your extravagant view

Only because it's noticed by few

The greatest blessing to touch the ground

Is that which releases my soul to be unbound

You cut away the fronds of sorrow

Giving more each day, still more the morrow

Oh that comfort, such delightful belonging

The sound of your voice, ever ecstasy prolonging

Supple and twinkling, the light in your eyes

Why oh why do you listen to those worldly denies?

Great rivers of peace follow your voice

Now, and evermore, singing or talking, that is your choice

You are a shelter, a nice place to hide

I know my secrets, in you, I may confide

Your compliments feed my ever-growing confidence

I know not why you don't notice your prominence

Such a smile, to be shown to me

Such beautiful existence, you better me

Your light lifts, shines, and warms

Your warmth dries many rains of storms

I love the way you let me so close

That for some reason you pick me to engross

Gentle breezes flow in your whisper

You hold my hand, my heart says "kiss her"

You know not your worth, and admit none of it

I hope to let you see, but you don't see a bit

You give me so much to pursue

I tell you so many compliments, yet no belief seems to ensue

Believe me, believe me, and always do

Believe me, believe me, what I say is true