by, Cassandra

I nsanity

Let's face it: love makes you insane. And not just romantic love either. It can be the love you feel for friends and family too. Love can make you do crazy things... things you never thought you'd do.

L ust

Yes, lust is in love... only, the romantic kind (hopefully). Its part of the reason you go insane, because you want them so much that when they're not there, you can't stop thinking about them. But when they're around, you want nothing more than to kill them. Well, most of the time, anyway.

O bsession

This is an important part: it's the first sign that you're falling in love. When they are the first thing you think about in the morning, the last thing you think about at night, what you dream about, what you daydream about. When somehow everything in your life somehow leads back to them, no matter how remote.

V ulnerable

When you fall in love, you give them the power to break your heart. But if you gave them your heart in the first place, let's just hope you trust them not to. Because you, consciously or unconsciously, build everything around the fact that they hold your heart... and that's about as vulnerable as you can get.

E xcitement

The butterflies in your stomach, the unexpected goose bumps, the crazy grin. All things you experience when you see them, talk to them, think about them, talk about them, picture them...

Y oung Hearted

How you feel when you see their smile. Or when you hear their voice, or when they "accidentally" brush their hand against yours. How you feel when ever you're within one hundred feet of them.

O ptimistic

You see the good things in life where you used to see the bad. You treasure every minute you're with them; not because you're scared, but because you want to. Because everything seems a little brighter when they're around.

U nique

How you see them, how they see you. One of a kind, perfect, despite (or even because) of their flaws. How everyone else seemed to dim in comparison when they walked into your world.