to a dusk of sweet regrets
flavored with unspoken everythings
to the times They were new
again and again
eternal remembrance
phoenix ashes will sprinkle Their grave

He'll go back to
abandoned antiquity
with only His piano dreams and
writer's hands, making
shapes in the shadows of Her curves

She'll return to Her
unloved lover
wishing for His piano hands and
writer's dreams, while he makes
progress from the sharpness of Her curves
on a social ladder steeped in wine and
quiet conversation
while She moans next door

young and old(er) ambition snapped in three
an unknown menage a trois
because neither cares to see
the delicate agony She embodies

turn Her one way
She gleams
first place trophy
for a boy from the wrong
side of the equator
a self-made jackass

flip the coin
watch Her go from
Virgin Mary(bella)


His dirty little secret
in one subway ride

to ask which
side (of thecoin)She prefers

She'll merely say
"I never liked the limelight"

how you start off
is how you'll end up
so She better start drinking
toasting to twenty one shots
of having the wrong Him every time