Failure and disappointment

Why do I try when all I do is fail?

I try and try again

Just to satisfy you

But that doesn't happen

Because I can always do better

Even when I am satisfied

And happy with my work

You sit there in disappointment

And say "You can do better"

I try my hardest

Just for you

For I hate that look you give me when you're not satisfied

That look scares me!

So I try harder

And it seems as though

The more I try, the worse I fail

I can't help but wonder

If you are ashamed of me

It often seems so.

You cry because we are not close

I cry because of disappointment.

You say you wish we were closer

If that is your wish

You must at least try to listen to me

I do tell you things

You just never listen

So maybe if I get you to listen to me


I won't have to bear to see your disappointment

In my failure

And in me.