Wicked Souls Take Flight- Or Do They

Credit to Wicked-Defying Gravity

I hope you're happy

I hope you're happy too

I hope you're proud how you

Would tear my heart to pieces

To feed your own egotistical pleasures

I could still be with her

I could have everything

that I worked and labored for

a fine love

a fine life

and happiness


But I don't want it


I can't want it


Something has changed within me

Something is not the same

I'm through with playing by the rules

Of someone else's game

Too late for second-guessing

Too late to go back to sleep

It's time to trust my instincts

Close my eyes and leap

I tried defying gravity

and I fell on my face.

I tried to forget

the pain in my heart

but it just keeps coming back

like a recurring nightmare

And You're the star.

Can't I make you understand, I'm having delusions of grandeur...?

I'm through accepting limits

'Cuz someone says they're so

Some things I cannot change

But 'till I try, I'll never know

Too long I've been afraid of

Losing love - I guess I have lost

Well, if that's love

It comes at much too high a cost

I'd sooner buy

the last parts of my life

Kiss me goodbye

I'm defying gravity

As I am pulled down

into the swamp bog of my life.

So if you care to find me

Look to the western sky

As someone told me lately -

Ev'ryone deserves the chance to fly

And if I'm flying solo

Then it confirms to be

the worst fears that I'd believed

To those who'd ground me

Take a message back from me -

Tell them how I failed

At defying gravity!

Thought I'd be flying high

Defying gravity!

Instead, I'm flat on my face



and rocking along

A failure of love.