Francine ended up coming to live at Calamity Shores. She wasn't shocked, like I thought she would be. She had always suspected that Alex was alive. Besides, she wanted to help take care of her two grandchildren: Helena and Christopher. Helena had grown more outgoing, especially when Alex had made a wooden shoe that would add height to her short leg. She was the perfect older sister for Christopher and worried about him constantly.

True to my word, I went back for Melissa, and she eagerly came to my home to help with the children. She was much stricter with them than their grandmothers were, and the children listened to and adored her. Claire married Darren, and the two of them made Nottrouge the most flourishing town in all of Exultia. Wesley was engaged to a cousin of the Thompson brothers. She was quite pretty from what I heard.

Catherine was still headmistress at Juliet. However, Juliet turned into more of a safe house for the wrongly accused and girls on the run than a place of punishment. She was currently being courted by the courier she had befriended long before I had arrived there.

Stacey had another child: a son a few months younger than Christopher. We visited Astaire often, and the king and queen visited us just as often. Stacey was hopeful of a marriage between Helena and Vincent. I didn't voice my agreement, but I secretly hoped for one as well. As calm and complacent as Vincent had been, his brother, Eric, was the opposite. He was mischievous and got into everything. Often, he'd talk Christopher into doing adventurous things as well. Alex would laugh at them and shake his head as they tried to build a boat to travel across the ocean.

Penelope and Leo married and had twins: a boy and girl. The boy they named George, and the girl was named Cordele. As close as they were to the royal family, they were all considered family and traveled everywhere with the royal family.

Sabrina was courted by a sailor, and she finally agreed to marry him. He was a sweet man who treated her wonderfully, and he was handsome too. He brought her gifts from all over the world, but she was worried that he might end up drowning in the waters that he loved so much, so he agreed to give up the life of sailing and live with her in the castle as one of Edward's knights. She, too, went everywhere with the royal family, and all the children called her Aunt Sabrina.

Georgette and Aras continued the life of assassins. They had no children, and I rarely heard from them except when they went to visit Claire. It didn't matter as long as they were happy, but I worried that one day they might end up dead or cursed.

Stacey and I visited Nanny's grave at least once a year. We brought lilies and would tell her everything that happened. Even if she couldn't hear us, perhaps she was watching us from heaven and smiling down on us. We kept the doves and agreed to give them to our oldest children (Victor and Helena to Stacey's glee). We also visited papa's grave at Nasarette and would occasionally stay there.

I visited Cindy a few times. She had another daughter: Aurora. This child was also deformed, although not as visibly as Helena was. Her eyes were two different colors. One was blue, and the other was green. The child was spoiled rotten, and I wondered what would become of such a child. Cindy refused to visit with Helena, a reason for me to not visit her. On my visits, I would leave Alex, Helena and Christopher at home. When Cindy inquired about my son and husband, I replied that I couldn't leave my daughter home alone. She had no reply to this.

Stacey and Cindy still remained at odds with each other, but Stacey and mother made amends. I was surprised by my sister's stubborn refusal to accept any invitations to Exultia, but I supposed that she wasn't ready to face that particular ghost of her past.

Alex tried to contact Victoria and Miranda, but they would have nothing to do with us. When I asked him if he was distressed by this, he responded that nothing they could say or do would ever distress him. It was for the best.

While we had no true happily ever after, we accepted the good and the bad. Our story didn't end with our marriage. We still faced hardships, but we overcame them. I loved him, and I would until the day I died. We would do anything for each other and our family. That was all that mattered.


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There was no second war due to the fact that Alex "died." With Alex dead, the engagement was off. If he had married Cindy, there may have been a war unless he conceded the ports Exultia had taken. When Josephine married, the hostility between the two kingdoms dissipated. However, if she found out he was alive (and living in her kingdom), she might not be so forgiving.

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