9/28/2012: I honestly thought that this would never occur, but it seems like it has. They say that imitation is the best form of flattery, but copying word-for-word hardly seems like flattery at all. Yes, I've been plagiarized, and in a bad way. If you search "Or So the Story Goes" on Amazon, you'll find it under an author called June Ashley. Plagiarism is bad, but having the person make money off of something I created and put up for free is much worse. I'm working on getting it removed from there and will keep you updated on my progress.

Edit: So far I've gotten it off of Amazon. Sadly, it's also on B&N under the same "author." I've also contacted them and am waiting for a response. I expect to hear back from them tomorrow. I'm considering putting all my finished stories up on those sites as they are right now just to protect them from being plagiarized again. When I finally do make a more polished copy, I'll most likely replace the previous one with a new one. I'll still leave them up here for timestamps and such...and to be free for you readers. This idea is more for my own protection so nobody tries to profit from my work again. I won't make that decision until this is sorted with B&N. Thank you for your support in this!

9/29/2012: So, I've contacted 3 different areas of B&N. Hopefully, I'll get a response back by Monday since they don't have working hours on weekends. OSTSG is still on Amazon, but it should be off the list by Monday. Apparently it takes 2-3 days for the changes to show up on the site. If anybody finds any of my stories up on sites where people (who aren't me) could get credit or money for them, please let me know.

9/30/2012: Good news! Both B&N and Amazon have removed June Ashley from their listings. This means that every work that person has stolen is also gone from those sites. What a relief.

1/29/2013: Apparently B&N only took Or So the Story Goes off for 2 weeks. It's back up. I'm trying to resolve this once and for all. Legal action might have to be taken on Monday.