Out on Old Route 9


They closed the

coal mine six months ago.

And Jimmy and

Willie was out of work,

not knowing where to hang

their hats, and Mary,

Willie's wife, was pregnant

again, shock to us all,

as Willie's been gone for

awhile, but no one ever cries

in Charleston, must be the

black lung fever that

keeps the tears from finding

cheeks, so Jimmy spent

his last paycheck on a

tent, and a brown box

full of canned goods, saying

"I'll just wait it out", yet

there ain't no work in

Charleston, and a guys

gotta' eat, that's why

Jimmy and Willie went

to Florida to wrestle

alligators, or some fool thing,

but their truck broke

down in Georgia,

and no reason to hitch

back home, 'cause Mary's

shacked up with a preacher,

so Jimmy and Willie work

at the Quickstop out on

Route 9, and at least the

black dust is only on the shelves.