They say you don't die

They say you aren't real

They say your nothing

They say you can't feel

They say all these things

They really don't know

They say because they fear

They are weak and it shows

They can't give in now

They pushed it too long

They say you don't breath

They know they are wrong

But I know you live

I know you never died

I know your heart beats

I know they have lied

I know what they say, aloud and in silence

I know that they say your soul is nothingness

I know that every day, I fight for your life

I pray every day, your mother they will bless

To choose life over death

To give instead of take

To love you like I do

To not dwell on the mistake

To bring up their soul

To bring up yours too

To share in this love

To remake these evils anew