Kill me

She begged

I… I can't I love you too much, I could never harm you

He pleaded

But you are killing me by letting me live

He wraps his arms around her as the deserted carousel begins to spin

Her warmth, the way she smells of vanilla

He cannot bare to live without her

But at the same time, he cannot stand the look in her icy blue eyes

The look of worthlessness… the look of lost hope… emptiness

Please my love, pull the trigger

She unlocks herself from his tender embrace and grabs the gun and begins to shake

She pulls it up to her head and grabs the trigger

I... Ican't do it

She falls to the icy floor and begins to cry

I will do it for you… I can't stand to see you in this kind of pain

He takes the gun from her hand and she stands and smiles for the first time in so long

Is this what you truly want?


She puts her hand on his as he rests his fingers on the trigger

A shot is fired

Just let me go… her last words

Icy rain begins to fall

The heavens are mourning for such a beautiful angel fallen from grace who just gave up

He picks her up now covered in her blood and holds her for the last time as her heart ceases to beat....