Hi, my names eddy not the greatest name ever invented for a 66 year old man, I would just call myself Edward but, eddys on my birth certificate, that's right I have to write that on everything I ever signed in my life, not the greatest thing for a struggling writer. It never occurred to me I could just not be good, I kept trying even thought about everything I wrote was a maximum of 3 typed pages, I so badly wanted to write a big novel but hey it never happened. What am I suppose to do kill myself? No I wouldn't ever do that especially after my greatest sell "Olivia Alligator Tango" which sold a whopping 6 copies, one was my mother but anyway... What am I suppose to write now? About my love life? I'm not married probly never will hey when your hair color screws up and you end up looking like carrot top and you run around saying you're a 66 year old, unemployed writer doesn't exactly make you a chick magnet. Then you find those girls every once in a while who don't care, but they later get sucked in by the crowd, okay that was in high school but some things you don't forget, sunny was really great she was cool without trying witch is very cool, in the end she had to leave me over a rumor, she may be the only person I ever talked to about my dreams for a big novel. Wait am I making this in to a gushy story? No I shouldn't wait maybe I should and then I can make it over 3 pages. Well let's start at the beginning...

The class bell rang, I raced in after a fight with my locker, sat down and pulled out my crumpled/stained biology homework, Mr. seedy walked in with a girl by his side. He proceeded to introduce her as Sunny Piole she just moved to Howard falls from Michigan. I glanced up at her quickly and to my surprise she was looking right at me, you might think we had some kind of lovey scene right there but really she was looking at my homework with a look of disgust then she giggled when I tried to staple it together only to find it had no corners. I turned my head away from her, she was one of those people who was going to be popular which meant, by me looking at her I could face a beating after school, I really really didn't need that today. After all I had band practice after school and I simply couldn't miss that. Maybe I should have given her a chance, maybe when she talked to me I should have listened, she was automatically accepted into 'the group' when I finally got the guts to talk to her she opened her mouth to say something and it was quickly pushed shut by one of her apparent 'friends' it took about a week before I shoved a note in her locker telling her to meet me at Harold Johns after school I thought this would be a pretty good place to meet her, nice little coffee shop, and the fact I was working there and doubted she would show up helped too. So I came out of the back from washing dishes getting ready to push my little cart around and clear tables when I saw her in the corner booth, I walked by making sure she wasn't here to meet her friends and hadn't noticed my note at all when I heard "hey eddy! Over here" I turned like I was surprised because I... was. I checked around to see if maybe it was a joke, turned over and said "me?" and she sarcastically said "no the other eddy that leaves notes in my locker." My head was sailing right out of the room and washing itself in a puddle, well that's how it felt.

We sat there and talked for about 2 hours, of course the whole time we were talking I had to run off and scrub tables real quick and come back, and I probly spent my entire pay check on coffee for us, oh well it was worth it by the end I asked her if she would want to go out to a movie with me Saturday. I looked outside the window while she considered the offer when I looked out I saw 'the group' I suddenly felt like I couldn't breathe, like the air wasn't real or something. I know I shouldn't have done this but I quickly asked her to hurry up, yes I probly looked like a total jerk but, I was trying to dodge a beating. As I saw them getting closer I told her I would be right back and went back to washing tables. Just then they came in "hey bubbles, keep up the scrubbing!" said Derek, he's just a popular kid no need to mention him at the moment. They soon were surrounding sunny "great" I thought "my one chance and I blow It by running away from a group of popular kids." Lets just say the next day at school I avoided glances from everyone, I was so afraid that sunny had spilled about me asking her out and I would become the laughing stock of the school, but from the way everyone acted she hadn't told. Walking to biology I saw her she looked unusually frustrated when she saw me she ran towards me like I was a cheeseburger and she was a fat kid. Pretty soon she was pulling me under the stairs and she only said one thing "YES" and ran off to join her group which was sitting wide mouthed. Then I realized my mouth was sitting wide open too. What a great surprise.

At the park, she showed up late, carrying her two poodles, who had apparently got out to chase her a few times so she eventually took them with ( I don't blame them, I would have chased her too). We walked around the park a few times, Lev barked at some moving leaves, and cut into our conversation with loud yapping every time he could. Didn't bother me, I was perfectly content listening to her breathe. Your right, I fell for her, I fell, and the walls were made of glass, there was no pulling myself up. The end of the date ended with a hug that must have lasted a few seconds, but an hour in my mind.

So I must have been pretty happy right? You would think so; you would think this would have some kind of awesome ending involving us getting married and being together forever, having a nice house with a white picket fence. Yeah you think, don't think that didn't cross my mind either. Life never turns out the way you want it to. Lets just say her friends didn't enjoy the time we spent together, anytime we were together; they were out plotting some kind of scheme to get us apart. They even let all the air out of my tired on my car to make me look like a total douche and have to walk half a mile to the next phone booth. Love is not a battlefield, High school is.

Eventually, it ate us whole, a rumor was spread, a million questions, and a final note saying goodbye. She moved away, I don't know where, by this time, we weren't speaking, the friends had one, and sometimes, I just wish, she would have heard all those things I wrote about her in my head, how she was my heart, and how I feel so lonesome without her, sometimes I just want to write this stuff down. One day, I will write a novel, but this is just another short story, another chapter in the story of my life, and if I put them all together, you would understand more how much she meant to me. Life is different now, I'm sure she's gone, and making someone very happy, I'm sure she has some beautiful kids, and a white picket fence to call her own. I, I don't have any of that, but, I remember, I enjoy thinking of the little things, the first time we held hands, the last time we kissed, the look on her face the first time I saw her. Sometimes it feels like so long ago, to some people it is, but, I just hope, where ever she is, she knows, she is my heart, and everyday we're apart, I think about her more and more. Well, I'm rambling, If I keep going on like this, I could go on 6 more pages, but like I said, this is just, one chapter, in the book that we call life.