Lying beneath the starless sky,

Just save it all and say, Goodbye.

Your mental health is keeping them guessing,

Your sanity's in question.

Strip away all vanity,

Thoughts of you are consuming me,

So thank you for the misery,

Your memories are all I see.

And now it's not so black & white,

I can't sleep through the night,

And when I try to picture myself in a better place,

I end up with a vision of your face.

Forget what you want, they say,

Remember what you deserve,

And no matter how true it is I keep thinking there's another way,

I keep thinking I could hate you some day.

And my teeth are beginning to ache,

From the scream I've held inside for Oh so long,

And every moment you're gone is causing more heartbreak,

I wish the world could stop being so fake.

So fake and faceless,

You're away and I hate this,

I won't ever get out of here,

Won't you come take me away?

And just barely the breathe of a whisper,

Is carrying me away,

Just your voice in my memory,

Wishing for another day.