Unwieldy Meeting

Rated: G

One-shot created on: March 26, 2006

One-shot finished on: March 26, 2006

A/N: My latest story as you can tell by the date, though it's not my best. This is a school assignment for English; we write a story after we've learned some new vocab words. I was feeling very lazy at the time I wrote this, so it's not very good as my newer stories on Well enjoy.



Books that Katsuki's reading

-Scene Changes-

Summary: Katsuki is just another bookworm; her last friendship with someone turned sour and no one at her school-except the teachers-notice her. The Cherry Blossom festival is nearing and suddenly someone comes to her rescue from the daily meeting with the local bully. Who is he and what happens next?


"Who's that?"

"I don't know, didn't notice her until now."

"Who could she be?"

"I don't know, beats me."

In the far corner of the classroom, there sat one female adolescent reading in content with a smile upon her lips. No one, but the teacher noticed her in the classroom, but she was fine with that. Her happiness laid in all kinds of books, whether it was new or withered away, she'd find a time to read into it. 'She gazed at his cunning eyes in a daze as they gazed into hers, a blush appeared on her cheeks as the other placed his hands on her shoulders and leaned in for a kiss. Her mind was racing, her heart frantic, how she waited for this moment, yet feared it for her life. Before she could procure her kiss-'


The bell rang, signaling the end of today's education and the female couldn't be more disappointed. A soft sigh escaped her lips as she packed up her books into her book bag. The girl flicked some of her sunset colored her to her back as she straightened up her clothing and strolled out of school with her book bag strapped onto her shoulder.


The town was buzzing with excitement as the Cherry Blossom Festival drew near. It was a time for lovers to get together and a time to gaze at Cherry Blossoms. A sad smile appeared onto the female's lips as no one ever asked her out to the festival before. In every romance story she has read, the girl always gets the guy. Her life seemed so boring, so vile, and wavering. She would give anything to have a fairy tale ending or at least for someone to ask her out.

The wind blew softly as Cherry Blossoms fluttered angelically across the streets of town. The adolescent ceased her stroll as one fell into her hand. She loved Cherry Blossoms and thought they were the most beautiful petals of the lands, just seeing one brightens up her day.

"Yo bookworm."

She knew that voice and turned to run, but a hand grabbed the collar of her shirt and prevented her escape.

"Thought you could run away from me again? I don't think so little worm."

Yuki Mero-the meanest bully around-was in once her friend, but one day things went sour and they stopped seeing and talking to one another. Now, they've met once again, but Yuki torments her former friend and forces the girl to do her homework in payment for whatever happened that day. "You used to have backbone in those days, what happened to you? Scared out of your mind? Some girl you are." She scoffed as her pernicious remarks sunk into the other's head. "I used to look up to you, you were a predominant person back then, always helping me in times of need, but now, now you're just a bookworm. Your nose is in a book everyday, that's why no one at school notices you."

The girl glance down, her honey-brown eyes brimmed with bright crystalline tears. She wanted her to stop, the oppression was too much to take. Didn't the other know that her words were augmenting her transgression?

"Hey you! Leave that girl alone."

Both girls looked over to see a tall male with mysterious, yet alluring cerulean-blue eyes. The two just couldn't help but stare at him like he was a piece of meat. The boy sighed as he flicked a bit of his chocolate brown hair aside-that was tied up in a hair tie-and walked toward the two. "Why don't you leave her alone? She's already got a heavy load to carry."

"Oh um..I'll see you later bookworm." Yuki blushed a bit before running out of the male's sight before she did something stupid.

"Well at least she's gone right?" The boy chuckled to himself as he turned his gaze at her.

The female blinked and glanced side to side before muttering in a soft voice: "You're talking to me?"

"Of course, who else? Or how's this? How art thou fair maiden?" He bowed in emphasis.

The youth softly giggled. "Elizabethan."

"Correct, many people would say: "Shakespeare", but you've got it. The name's Kenichi, what's your name?"

"My name's Katsuki, my fair prince."

Kenichi grasped the other's hand and kissed it. "Nice to meet you Katsuki, but now I must go, I have a feeling we'll meet again soon. Fare thee well fair maiden." The male smiled at her before running off to do whatever came next.


It had been two weeks since that day, the day that mysterious Kenichi saved her. Katsuki blushed a bit before taking out a book to rid her mind of her savior.

The class chatted about until the teacher arrived and they were back in their seats. "Class we have a new student joining us from Kyoto, now please make him feel welcomed. You may come in now."

The door opened as an apprehensive moment occurred. Who was the new student? They didn't have to wait long as a male wearing blue jeans and a leather maroon shirt walked in.

"Class meet Kenichi Hikari."

It didn't take a minute for the girls to swoon over the handsome teen, but the guys on the other hand growled at the "competition".

"Kenichi you may sit next to," The teacher searched all over the room to find a place where those ravenous girls couldn't procure him. "Ah, you may sit with Ms. Katsuki, she's-"

Kenichi smiled. "I already know where she is thank you very much."

"Oh. Well carry on then."


'The girl stood still as the footsteps grew closer and closer. Her heart quickening with each step, how did she ever get into this mess? Time seemed to stop, but the footsteps was still heard. She grew frantic as they stopped near her hiding place and-'

"We meet again fair maiden."

Katsuki looked up from her book and smiled to see the familiar gaze of Kenichi Hikari.