This poem was written to my so called friend who turned her back on me and my friends, it's kind of weird but I wrote it up in 5 minutes so yes.

I turn around and look at you but your not there,

Because you're not you.

I wish I knew the friendship we had but it's no longer there,

Because you had turned you back,

I'm sorry if I hurt you but you did to me.

I'm sorry I am not like you;

But I am me, not you.

I'm sorry for my imperfections;

But you have them as well.

In this world I see hatred and sin but you see nothing;

In this world we aren't perfect and I wish you'd see that as well.

I wish we could be friends again but we aren't;

We would still be if you had bothered to care;

To care weather your friends got hurt or not,

To bother if you had to ruin your friends lives to become someone your not.

We can't change the past and it'll stay that way forever.

It would mean so much to your friends if you came back,

But you'd be marked, as a loser and we can't have that.

To lose a friend is a great loss but you can't lose one if you never had,

I guess it was the same with us.

You never were a friend, you only pretended,

I wish you could see me now,

I'm so offended.

You treated us like we were worth nothing,

Yet that's what you hold inside,

You called us low,

And for what?

We did not stab you in the back,

Or try to use you too.

The only person who is low here

Is you.

I miss the days we'd laugh,

The days we used to cry,

The days we'd have fun together, no matter what the price.

But most of all, I miss the girl who was friendly,

Who would always put on a smile.

Sorry if in this poem,

I have offended you in anyway,

But my friend the truth must be told,

How you double-crossed your friends yesterday.