They stole my heart

They stole my soul

They left me wandering

Without a goal.

They did not know

They did not see

How much they erred

By causing the pain in me.

They came there

Yes, I made them come.

Little did they know

They should have run.

My pain was hidden

The anger inside

Its been a long time

Since I have cried.

My pockets bulged

I emptied them.

To the kids it was a bad dream

Gleaming silver, a heavy weight.

I held the gun like a lover.

They deserved it.

Cause and consequence.

Ha… its genetics.

That's what the psychiatrists will say.

I did not have a choice.

I was traumatised by their taunting.

I could not help but have my revenge.

I chuckle, and my eyes gleam

Harsh, unshed tears.

But am I happy or sad?

I do not know.

And as I hear the sirens calling

I realise it is my time to go.

I put the gun to my head…