I'm so cold from this pain

Like the blood rushing out and seeping on the floor

I've gone so numb inside, like shock from a treatment

I'm so used to standing outside waiting for you

No matter how long I had to wait, you were always there

And what if I went outside right now?

Would you show up?

Be my knight in shining armor?

I don't know why when I'm having the hardest times of my life

Everyone decides to try me.

All I needed was a little love, and this would have never happened.

But I held on to you and that pushed you away.

And how many offers had I had this week?

I could have so easily let go and left…

But I stayed with you…

That should mean something to you, but it never does!!!

I don't know why you're still holding on!

You don't even care!

I could say you're in it for the free ass.

I could say you're cheating with that bitch!

But whatever it is, I'm standing outside in the cold

And NOONE is there to rescue me.

I thought you could solve all my problems.

But I guess they were too much for you to understand.