Through all the trails I have endured
I still have yet to earn
The kindness that your kiss gives to me
Your fingers running through my hair
What did I ever do to deserve this love from you?

I'll spend the rest of my life
Garnering from you, that first night
You said you loved me
And I said, "It goes both ways"

In regards to the mornings
When we don't feel like moving
I'd rather lay here and look into your eyes
Let's make a promise to never
Never let this die

With the winds of change
That make things fade away
We stand strong
We're unmoving
We'll even love each other more
Once this storm has passed

Wishing upon a star
Far from memory
A tear fell from my eye
You kissed my cheek to hinder its travel
In your asking whats wrong
I rediscover why the tear came
I'm the happiest anyone has ever been

Inside of your eyes
I can see the years we have ahead
With your kind words
The day brings us back to bed
Where we dream of the day to come