The night sky shimmered with the stars' bright lights. Very few clouds passed across the sky, so the giant silver orb rose in the sky and proudly shined down to the earth. The night was filled with a cold and bitter wind. The shining light impacted the earth, specifically to an area that was void of life. The area was the cemetery of a small town, and quite specifically, one life was present inside the dark boundaries. Across the headstones and mausoleums, there was one memorial. It protruded from the earth as a giant stone obelisk. The obelisk was embezzled with an odd symbol: a diamond icon with a red gem inside. At the foot of the memorial sat a young man, brown hair wearing a black shirt, jeans, and a black jacket. His eyes were eerie to say the absolute least. Dark circles surrounded the eyes, and the pupils gleamed with an intense fluorescence. Any normal person would have judged the eyes as that of the undead, that is if they believed in such a thing. The man sat at the bottom of the obelisk with his head in his hands and leaning forward. His hair was messed from his hands violently passing through it. Mentally exhausted, he stood up and turned to the field of stone memorials. As he did, a warm gust of air rushed from behind him. It felt soothing and comforting, piercing through the chilling cold. The man closed his eyes and spoke.

"Why do you keep coming here?" he said, turning around. Behind him was a brilliant figure. The figure was a female. Her hair was shoulder-length and light brown, and she wore white clothes, both shirt and skirt. From her back burst two giant angelic wings. As the female stood, a mysterious aura of light emanated from her being. The angel looked downward, her hands clasped behind her back and a rather unhappy look on her face.

"I..." she stammered.

"I told you to stop coming here." the man said, clenching his fists. "I told you that this is not your realm. This is not where an angel belongs."

"I know, but..." she drifted off. "I had to see you." The girl felt troubled, for a reason only the two of them knew. As she began to contemplate, the man walked up to her beautiful face and began to stare with his demonic eyes.

"I want you to leave." he said.

"But...why?" she asked, shaking.

"Because this is not where you belong." he said. "Do you think angels should exist on Earth? No, you should be up there, living it up as what you are."

"I can't do that." she said. He grabbed her bright hand and gripped it tightly.

"I'm gonna tell you once more. Go." he said. His eyes were shining with a fury unlike anything anyone had ever seen before. "If I see you here again, I'll go one step further." He threw her to the ground. She felt her wings break her fall a bit. The demon-eyed man saw the angel's eyes. They glimmered with tears. She could not believe what she was hearing from the man. She stood up and staggered to her feet. The man turned around. "Now, go." he said. As he did, he felt his emotions stabbing at his back. He felt his human mind begin to take control of his body. Out from his demonic eyes, he felt tears begin to rain. He could not bear to hold in his pride any longer, so he didn't. The tears fell. He felt in his heart that what he said was not the right decision. As the tears began to fall to the cold ground, he turned around and called to her. "Wait, I-" As the words left his mouth, he felt a warm embrace around his human body. Wings, bright and warm surrounded him and the embracing angel, the one who he thought had left, had returned.

"You don't understand angels, do you?" the female angel said, closely embracing the dark-eyed human male. "We feel too." The unleashed tears continued to flow from the man's eyes. "I come back to Earth...because I love you." she said. The words resonated in the man's mind, but then dispersed into a soothing sonata. "I would give up all of my angelic being...just to be with you." she said. The man, wrapped in the angel's embrace, felt tears on his dark jacket. In pure intuition, he felt his own arms surrounding the angel's warm body. Together, they stood lovingly holding each other closely.

"I'm sorry...if I hurt you." he said. "...I love you too, my angel." The tears continued to rain, but no longer of sorrow. Joyous tears fell from the embracing ones eyes. The embrace slowly broke. The two looked into each others eyes. The angel's shining angelic eyes and the man's shimmering demonic eyes met. Ever slowly their faces approached each others' until their lips met in a divine kiss. The passionate love flowed between their beings, until the kiss slowly broke.

"I will give up my angelic being...and become a human." the angel said. The male fell silent, but then spoke.

"...Thank angel." he replied.