Chapter 5: Is This Your Joy?

A tremendous crater of broken earth was all that remained of Michael's empire. Hoshiko could only see rubble in its place. Lying on the ground trembling, she saw Sennen escape walk from the remnants of the village. Hoshiko was speechless; an entire village was leveled by Sennen, and by a single punch. Sennen stared at the ground with his crimson eyes, seeing Hoshiko's trembling body buried under her robe. Hoshiko was so afraid to speak, but swallowed her fright.

"That...what did you do?" she asked, shaking.

"That pathetic bastard had one of my sin powers, girl." he said, shaking his fist. "Can't let anything happen to it."

"You destroyed that entire village with a single punch." she said.

"My power of vanity and narcissistic might, in your world, Pride, gives me strength. Well, even more, I should say." Sennen smirked at his handywork, but Hoshiko was even more afraid of what Sennen was capable of doing. Sure, she had him under her control, but what if he got too powerful? What if the Orichalcum couldn't contain his strength anymore? The thought made Hoshiko's stomach churn and she felt herself collapsing on the ground. Sennen noticed her posture beginning to stumble and walked over. "You're lucky you didn't get caught in that attack, girl." he said, showing his fangs. Hoshiko became irritated by Sennen's attitude, but worked her way up to her feet.

"You had already gotten your sin power back." she said. "Why did you destroy the village?" Sennen laughed at her ridiculous question.

"Every heard of having fun?" he said.

"And all those people? I saw corpses scattered throughout the town! The people thought I had done it!"

"Let it go." Sennen said. "The point is you're alive and our little deal is still in effect." Hoshiko couldn't just let it go; she was tired of Sennen's irrational behavior.

"What do you plan to do next?" she timidly asked. Sennen turned toward her and smirked.

"Well, there are six left, so we better get going." he replied. "Armageddon won't wait forever." Hoshiko forgot. Sennen's goal was to create hell on Earth. She knew that other people would be hurt regardless of what Sennen does, as long as she stood firm by her promise. It was such a horrifying thought; endless pain, inferno everywhere. But each time she saw the Apocalypse, she couldn't be comforted by her love. Her pure, unbreakable love hurling Sennen from his body. She dragged her feet as she walked behind Sennen, constantly stumbling upon her bruised limbs. Sennen occasionally looked back and snarled.

Both of them could see the stars beginning to appear over a dim twilight. Sennen's bloodthirsty eyes began to shine. Hoshiko timidly stood behind him, hiding inside her robe. Insecurity was surrounded her like a wall; thin tears began to soak her robe. Sennen licked a drop of blood off his face and began walking again, with Hoshiko following and trying to dry her eyes. She was abruptly stopped by Sennen, who had stopped and was looking at the seemingly-endless desert. Hoshiko squinted her tear-soaked eyes through the fierce sandstorm.

"Why did we stop?" she asked Sennen. Sennen just smiled a fang-covered grin. Raising his right hand and clenching it tight, he spoke:

"Fresh." He saw two clouds of sand begin to intertwine. "Meat." The clouds began to stir, but stopped for a second. They quickly began to mix and the clouds became larger. They were approaching. Hoshiko's sweat-filled eyes couldn't see their form, with the sand being another obstacle, but Sennen saw their forms: two giant sand creatures like the first they saw before the village. As their monstrous faces contorted and cringed, Sennen wasted no time in beginning his slaughter. He grabbed one by its jaw-filled mouth, ripping it above him, sending saliva and blood through the air. It was a festival to him. The second began to back away as Sennen shoved the jaws into the monster's heart. Hoshiko was even more frightened of Sennen, if at all possible, and patrolled her focus from the killed to its fearful friend. But Sennen was not so wrapped up in his massacre to forget the retreating one. Sennen grabbed the teeth from the dead carcass of the sand creature and dashed to the other, burying, submerging the teeth into its head. Blood shot from the creatures neck, the weapon of bone grabbed its muscles and ripped at them. And Sennen, the assassin, he smiled. Hoshiko could never remember her love make such a mad expression, always trying to remember that he would return. The expression showed Sennen sharp-as-blades smile as he ripped out the creatures' hearts and smashing them into each other, spilling bloody explosions across the sand. Hoshiko was frozen still. Not a movement, not a blink. She could not believe what she saw. Not in her most horrific nightmares, never in all her life did she see something that made her feel so cold, so empty. Sennen began to lick his clawed fingers and walk towards Hoshiko, holding both hearts. He lifted Hoshiko's arm so her palm was open, as he set the smashed hearts of the beasts into her shaking palm. Their ominous red glow, Hoshiko saw death burying the organs, quickly dropping them to the ground and shaking her hand in panic. "Eat em." Sennen said, sitting on the ground.

"W-wha..." Hoshiko tried to hide in her robe to comfort herself. She could feel the coldness, the icy freeze of the dead hearts. She felt tears roar, and the shortness of breath. She cried. Not a whimper, a cry from the absolute bottom of her soul. Sennen's insane smile slowly faded to a simple smirk. Hoshiko's legs collapsed, and her slender and timid knees fell to the ground. "What are you, Sennen?" she cried.

"What's that supposed to mean?" he lashed back, "Get up now. We need to get going."

"Sennen!" Hoshiko yelled. Sennen's body fell to the ground, still a slave to the Orichalcum. "Is this your joy?!"

"Yeah..." Sennen growled, lying imprisoned on the ground, "what of it?" Hoshiko turned to the field of crimson tears that strew across herself, the land, Sennen.

"Is this what your entertainment is?" she asked, still stunned by shock and tears.

"Listen, you," Sennen began, "this is my pleasure. If you still want your little husband back, you best play nice." Hoshiko immediately felt a stunning spike in her heart. She wanted him. She needed him. She would do anything to get her love back. Her arms buckled, the Orichalcum sank into her heart, and Sennen rose to his feet. Hoshiko walked forward. Through shivering tears she spoke:

"We must keep going."