Broken-hearted Fairytales

As I speak words my heart can't handle,

I realize life is so degrading and I hate it,

You burned all your bridges with the flame of a candle,

And you came to me thinking I'd help fix it.

I tried to explain to you,

Just why I couldn't do a thing,

But the answer 'No.' wasn't something you understood or knew,

And I hope to god this kills you too.

I thought that you could see,

All my hopes and all my dreams,

All the things I kept away,

The typhoon raging in my eyes destroying me.

And though it's hard for me to say,

It harder just to stay,

I wish I never loved you,

I wish I never cared.

And of all the fairytales we could have told,

The one with the most broken hearts sold,

It flew off the shelf,

To tell the world,

Just how wrong we were for each other.

And I will watch you dance mystically,

Leaving painful footsteps in my memory,

Like fading scars and butterflies,

Like effervescent clouds that paint the skies.

And I will watch you fade away,

And I will live another day,

And every time I smell sunflower,

I'll remember your touch, its glory, its power.

And some day I will believe,

I wish I never loved you,

And some day it won't hurt me to say,

I wish I never cared.

And someday our broken-hearted fairytale,

Will end up just a legend,

Breathe in, Breathe out,

Inhale, and exhale.

Life goes on.