Negative Truths is actually a finishedpiece of work... that I am posting up properly. It is my longest piece of work, and still one of my favorites. You could almost think of Negative Truths as a more innocent version of Abstruse Solitude, but that doesn't mean it's bad. I think you'd enjoy the story if you like dramas and romances, and it also has other little values and such that are talked about, such as the fact one of the main characters is abused.

This chapter begins the story with our main character ranting off. She isn't exactly happy with her life, and things at home are at best, negligent. I hope you will find this interesting enough to continue the read as I upload each chapter on a regular basis.

I'm going to die… She was sure of it. Her sophomore year had barely started and already it felt like end of the year boredom. Only three weeks into the new year. Her classes had more of her friends this year but what good was that? She didn't even talk to them, not that she would have been able to. The droning voices of the teachers melted her brain and rendered her helpless. As if that wasn't bad enough the horribly cruddy drawings in her textbooks made her swear she would find the illustrators and torture them to death. Could things be any worse? It definitely was a lot worse.

This year her school was going charter. Granola Hills "Charter" High School. As if there was something to be so proud of they would mention it every chance they would get. School started in mid August, a real nightmare for most. There were signs of horror posted all over the campus also. "Caution: Brains at Work" "We will change the future" "Never ever ever ever ever ever ever give up" Surprisingly no one bothered to tear down the signs yet. Some stupid guy who would jump up and hang on the sign until it tore off, then running off laughing as if he just accomplished something incredible. Freshmen would be liable to do that.

Freshmen! There were way too many of them. Traveling in swarms like ants, the school was way overcrowded, worse than the year before despite the fact the school said the place would be less crowded. The attitudes they carried added more grief to hearing them and seeing them. She remembered when she came to Granola Hills last year, all her friends wanted to change since they were in high school now. They did, needless to say. Mostly for the worse. She would wave at a former classmate from middle school and they would just look at her and walk by as if she didn't exist. She was shocked at how much they changed just like that! School had hardly been in for a week and they already were acting like they were royalty, too good to talk to a commoner.

Too much changed, too quickly for her to catch up. And now this year, there were the new freshmen getting their act on. One time too many she heard those stupid little boys, thinking they were so grown up that they would get laid with a junior. The girls she hadn't heard much from but it was obvious who were freshmen. She overheard two of them discussing how easy it was to be a lesbian in the locker room. This year is definitely going to be way too long. I'm going to die in class because I was bored to death and then my parents will sue the school. Suddenly she scowled. Why would her parents care?

They had named her Young Jin. She wasn't even sure if it was a girl name. Young Jin Yoon. Her parents never called her Young Jin however. They just called her Slug Face. Slug Face! What kind of parents calls their own daughter SLUG FACE?! When she was little she thought it was funny. Then she made her first friend, Jamie Wu in kindergarten.

"Hi! What's your name?" Jamie had asked.

"My name is Young Jin Yoon but my mommy and daddy call me Slug Face." Jamie started cracking up and Young Jin had been confused.

"What's so funny?!" Jamie had then told her. Young Jin was shocked to find out that slugs were not something necessarily beautiful. Contrary to her nickname she was actually good looking. Her slender face was complimented by her dark brown eyes and long hair, which fell a little below her shoulders. Her sleek eyes always seemed to be shining, her cheekbones sticking out slightly gave her rosy cheeks a feeling of blooming. Her nose was not so flat, and it perfectly complimented her face. Her lips seemed to be pulsating with energy, the kind that could easily enchant you almost as if it was asking to be kissed. Not that she was ever kissed, her parents counting. Her rather thin figure was deceiving and one not to disregard. She was stronger than her body should've permitted being athletic enough to compete with most of the competitive boys at school. She could easily leave them behind the dust on days they ran, and she even managed to lift a few pounds. Overall, Slug Face was a rather poor nickname for her.

When she had confronted her parents after school was over that day about her name, they whipped her. They forbade her from telling anyone about the nickname they gave her and when she was asked why, they cracked the stick across her back and in great pain and fear which was being drowned in her own sobs and tears she said she would say no more. She never understood why they acted the way they had for many years. Then when she started going through puberty it somehow came to her. What would people think of parents who call their daughter Slug Face? Aside from calling her Slug Face, they had never kissed her or hugged her. She had tried to hug her mother once when she was young and she was shoved away. Confused she tried again and this time her mother slapped her and yelled at her. She cried and ran into her room. On TV she had seen little girls hugging their mothers and their mothers hugging back and they were so happy. Why didn't her own mom do the same? Now she was older and she understood everything.

Her second period was finally over. Thank god… wait… why?! I have to go through four more life draining classes until the day is over…. then Tae Kwon Do! Oh shit…. As if going to school wasn't bad enough, Young Jin had to go to "Tae Kwon Do". Surprisingly enough her parents paid for it, but Young Jin had the feeling they wanted her away from home as long as possible which is why she went there. 6 days a week! 3 hours of that bullshit! I hate it! She was a purple belt. Her master had graciously given her belt promotions for free as long as she passed the tests. Not that she cared. Her master wasn't very good to say the least, and she hated Tae Kwon Do. She was stuck unbearably long periods of time with stupid little kids she detested thoroughly. As if their little egos weren't easily boosted whether the event should have or not, this gave her more reasons to hate them. Little or not they're not even cute. Terribly disgusting little flakes! She sighed heavily and left her second period, the dreaded Korean class to go to her "hang spot". Hardly any relief there, she supposed but it was better than nothing.

"Hi Young Jin."

"Hi Jin." A few rather grim and shallow faces greeted her before happily turning back to chat with the others. They hung around Hell Lander Hall, which was situated rather close to the school entrance. She leaned against a pole and sighed. In middle school, everyone had been fairly close to each other. Now for some reason, they all had parted off into their own little bands, Young Jin not being included. She still talked with a few of them once in a while although it was nothing she found terribly interesting. Nutrition was short, so it was more like an extra long passing period. The bell soon rang, and Young Jin headed off to her next class. PE. Hopefully, Jamie was here today.