Ages ago the land of Argia was inhabited by a single race of intelligent beings. The people were tall, and slender. There skin was tan and they had black tattoos on there face and arms. There hair was short and colored light. The race was smart, easily learning how to hunt and fish. This race was known as the Argians and they lived contently in the land for many years, until the a new day dawned. A ship arrived at Argia, carrying a new race. This race was large. Its skin was red and it breathed smoke when threatened. It had large horns protruding from its head. They were not particularly smart. This race was called the Negs. The Argians welcomed the Negs, allowing them to live in their tribes and eat the food that was produced, and for a time things were good. Soon, however, things would change. The Negs were loud, often scaring away pray when hunting. They also multiplied profusely, making the food scarce. The Argians began to get angry with the Negs and decided that it was time for the Negs to find a new home. The Negs were furious at this request, and decided to fight back against the Argians. The Argians were driven from there homes and forced to flee to any safe haven they could find. While the Argians hid like rats, the Negs took over Argia. It was not until strangers came to Argia that things would change. The strangers were made of metal and shot fire from sticks. The Argians made a pact with the metal men, saying that if they helped them defeat the Negs then the metal men could enslave them. The metal men agreed and unleashed an all out war against the Negs. Thought the Negs were great in strength, and numerous in numbers, they were unintelligent and easily fell to the will of the metal men and the Argians. After it was all over the Negs were loaded onto the metal men's giant ships and brought to there homeland, and the Argians were left in peace as they once were.