What I wanted

(What do I do?)

This is what I wanted,

When I was lost like she is.

This is what I dreamed for,

When my joy had dissolved all its fizz.

When I hated myself.

When I wanted no more.

When I thought nobody cared.

When life was a bore.

When I looked at myself,

And couldn't contain the screams.

When I thought of all the others,

And how happy they seemed.

When all the faults were blamed on me.

Well, they really weren't, but to me they were.

To me I had done everything wrong,

By being born at all,

That was my sad song.

But, you know—I made it through.

I'm not sad now…


But now my friend is in need.

It scares me so,

Because she's just like me.

She's believing lies and living out its fate.

I've all that she's got now…I mean, at this rate.

It's hard now, I've noticed

Being on the other side.

It's hard when you're happy

And you're caring for those that are not.

As I look back and see, I realize what has come.

When I was lost and alone,

I wanted that special someone.

I wanted that one who'd listen and stay.

The one who'd hold me,

No matter what I say.

I never had that someone

And now the tide has turned.

Now, it's my turn to be there for her.

It's time for her to learn.

But it's real hard, I've realized.

Being that someone, looking into her eyes.

Speaking the truth and comforting too.

Sometimes, I just don't know what to do.

But I'm here now.

I've settled with that.

I will hold her up.

She won't dare fall back.

I hope she will make it.

I hope she'll shine through.

I don't want to lose her.

Oh, what do I do?