I Miss You

I miss the old times.

I miss the late nights

When you'd call me for no reason,

When you'd lean on me and cry.

I miss being there for you.

I miss asking your advice.

I miss seeing your face.

I miss the glimmer in your eyes.

I wish it would all go away!

But then I'd never know what a true friend is.

If I didn't have you at least once in my life

I wouldn't know how to live, or how to deal with my sighs.

I suppose I'm glad you've gone to your rest.

You're at peace now.

That's a good thing, I guess.

But I miss you so much—

I can hardly breathe.

My life is so different, now that you're without me.

I feel empty, and I feel col.d

I feel so abandoned,

So incredibly old.

I know I should be happy.

That's what you'd say.

I just really miss you,

And it won't go away.