I looked to the darkness,

Eyes dry and wide

Upset at the emptiness

I looked down and sighed.

With no light shining,

I could not find the way

Trapped in the shadows

I thought I would stay

No light to guide me

No path to go

No flame to shine bright

No river to flow

I fell to the darkness

And felt myself no more

Numbness on my body

And when I hit the floor

I could not feel the pain of falling

Smashing on the ground

I could not see anything at all

I did not hear a sound.

Only shadows surrounded me

But then I fell asleep

Lost inside my complex mind

So then there I could weep

I never cried outside my mind

But now I felt I should

For now I found I reason

That crying could be good.

With every pull against my will

I felt the shadows snare

My body, which I abandoned it,

With darkness everywhere.

With eyes closed tight and limbs now numb

I delved into my mind

Crippled, frozen, was my being

But I knew that I would find

Some hope in breaking free of this

Whatever I have made

The shadows of my own true soul

Would soon be separate

I felt my eyes then open

With a feeling never known

Before, I stood up from the mangled state

And carried on my own

Light and dark, the two great sides

Within the mind they clash

Leaving but a mangled corpse

And then it turns to ash.

Finding a side to join is not

An easy task at all.

Trust your mind, and find the path

And tear down every wall.