Chapter One

"BRINNNNG" the phone yelled in my ear, "BRINNNNG"
"Ok, ok hold on" I said sleepily and turned on the light, placing the receiver to my ear. "Hello?"
"Dr. Alex! It's hatching! Now!!! You have to come now!" the excited voice of my assistant, Dr. Gunther shredded the last of my sleepiness.
"Oh GOD! I'm coming. Be there in 5. Bye" I said slamming the phone down. I rushed around the room putting on the clothes I had just taken off four hours ago. Ok Alex calm down! This is the time you have waited for, when all your experiments come true. I just have to get there and imprint it on me.
Within 2 minutes I was out the door of my flat in London, England. I sped down the streets at way above the speed limit; I didn't have time to think of anything but the egg that awaited me in a small brick building downtown.
"WheeeeWhooo Whee Whooo" a siren sounded behind me. At that point I said some very nasty things about police. I swerved the car to the left and stamped on the break petal.
In my review mirror I could see the tall officer step out of his police car in his dark blue suit. "Wasting petrol are ye? Well we will fix that in a jiffy. What are ye doing out at this hour ma'am? And at that speed? My my my..." he trailed off.
"Sorry sir" I mumbled, deciding not to explain why I was in such a hurry because it would waste time, which is the last thing I wanted!
"Well, I shall have to give you a ticket. Next time watch your speed as you drive ma'am. You never know, there could have been children playing out on the streets and you would have hit them, going 50 kph in a 30 kph zone."
There are so many kids playing in the street at 4 in the morning. I thought but wisely did not comment as the officer ripped off a sheet of paper and handed it to me.
"You will have to report to the court and pay your fine. It will probably be about 50 to 60 pounds. You might want to save up for it," he said giving my stained and ripped clothing a look.
"Well thank you sir. Have a good morning," eating your donuts. I took the paper and after showing him my license I rolled up the window and put my foot on the gas petal rolling around the corner at a safe speed then pressing the petal harder to get momentum. I glanced at the clock in my car it was blinking, showing 12:04. I then realized that I hadn't set my car clock. But as I thought, I could tell how long it was since I had turned on my car: 4 minute. That means that I had spent over 7 minutes to get to this time, 4 in the car and probably 3 in my flat. Man, I'm late! Gunther is gonna kill me for this. I though and revved my engine a little to gain a bit more speed. Then after I had taken a few turns I saw it.
I had never been, or will ever be, so happy to see my office lab building. There it was, a small squat brick building. It was two stories high and made of dark red brick. Of course at this time you could not tell anything because there was a dark blanket covering the sky that prevented any light to show.
I screeched my car to a halt in the parking lot behind the lab, and ran to the door. Slamming it behind me I sprinted up the metal stairs and stopped in the doorway of a small room.
This room looked like a hospital room. It was stark white, and a hard, shiny linoleum tiles covered the floor. At on end of the room sat an incubator. It was currently empty. I saw all this in one glance and shifted my attention to the group in the middle of the room, huddled around a small table. One of the people looked over in my direction and spotted me, breathing rather hard, in the doorway.
"Doctor! You're here!" the young man said. Then he turned and looked at the rest of the group, "Okay, everyone here clear out, we have to imprint the experiment on Dr. Alex and no one else."
Reluctantly everyone moved away from the table and to another room where there was a one-way window into this room. When everyone was clear I saw the work of my life. There it sat, gleaming yellow white. It was about 6 cm long and weighed in at about 4 grams. This egg was the one thing that I had made that had even a chance of surviving to adulthood. My team and had checked and rechecked the amounts of which gene went where and where to put it.
I stepped up slowly to the small table as if I was approaching a great king or queen. As I got closer I noticed a small hole in the side of the sleek, smooth egg. Inside that hole I knew lay a small bird who had control of all my dreams. As I bent over the egg I could hear the little beast moving around and th--
"Crack!" a sound echoed across the empty room. The egg had split in half. Inside the two pieces lay my hopes and dreams. It was not as I expected it to be. It looked different than what my team thought it would look like. I was on whole, very struck by the ugliness of it.
It was a small baby African Gray parrot, just hatched from its egg. But it was not only an African Gray, for it had been genetically changed so that it would have a human brain. It was to be the smartest bird ever bred and it could if it worked change the entire scope of genetic work.
I had started this experiment about a year ago when I had graduated from my college. It was my dream to do something great and have the whole world turn its eyes to my experiment as I changed history. I had tried before but each time the animal had not grown in the egg or host mother (for I should say I tried with different animals, including the dolphin, a chimpanzee and even a snake). I decided on a bird as my next experiment because it is the only animal that could form human words and in the past work with the African Gray Alex showed that a bird could have the brain of a four-year-old human child. So I thought that if I enlarged the brain a little and increased the body to about a red-tailed hawk size I could increase the intelligence of the bird.
I picked up a small eyedropper filled with mashed grain and dropped a bit into the open mouth of the bird. Once I had done this my partner and the rest of the crew piled out of the small adjacent room to see my accomplishment.
I picked up my new experiment and brought it to a scale to let my helpers measure and weigh it. They would also draw some blood to test its DNA and blood type, also telling if it is a male or female.
For the rest of the day and the rest of the next four months I spent writing down facts and observations of Jacob, as we had decided to call the male bird.
Jacob developed just like any normal African Gray would, exempting the fact that he was twice the size of his relatives. He grew his normal gray feathers, with a deep red tail. At four months old he was fully grown and weighed in at just under three pounds. He had not yet reached his adult potential but was still much more intelligent then any other bird in history. He had a vocabulary close to the size of a ten-year-old child.
This is how life went for the first four months, tests, experiments, blood drawings and more. But the rest of Jacob's life was quite different. I spent that time teaching him all he was to know and more.

End Of Chapter One