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Obscurity and Oblivion

It swirled around me
Haunting me, taunting me
It tucked itself around me
A blanket of oblivion

I couldn't see
My eyes were shielded
Kept from anything…everything beyond it

It held me
Its hands unyielding
Informing me of its indisputable presence

I wish I could have but a glimpse
Of what lies beyond it
I wager the sun's glare will be blinding
The lush greenery will stretch endlessly
Life's song will sound so divine
Air so fresh, my lungs might burst
And the creek's gushing… heavenly

A glimpse would be good
Just a peek
But somehow, I knew
It forbade me that single wish

I shivered
Its fingers had reached for me
Artic fingers piercing my skin like needles


There was none, none I could find
I pushed myself up and I ran
Fumbling and tumbling along the way
And even then, I ran

I tried to tear myself from it
So many times by now
And I seem to have lost count
I tried, oh yes, I tried

I never could escape it
Never once was I triumphant against it
Never once was I free of it
It held me captive
No cages, no chains
And still it held me

Curses and damnation

Numbness edged toward me
Consumed me
As its walls closed in on me
It danced around me
Persuading locks of hair to join it
Caressing my skin with its glacial fingers
Blurring my already obscure vision
Almost taking my breath away

Its familiarity was a comfort
It was, is and forever will be my life
Unnerving as the ease it provided me
I conceded to the inevitable