When you're a teenager, the only things that matter are school, friends and love.

All three of these, in my life, are utterly shite.

Love- a joke.

Friends- a bigger joke.

And school?

I go to Jameson High, Halifax, England.

As in any other school, the social pyramid is the order of the day.


We're backwards.

Because when you're a teenager, nothing matters but school. Your life revolves around school, your friends, your career, your place in the social pyramid. Yes, it all matters. And me? I'm Amelia Spitz, and I'm far down the pyramid. I'm where it begins. From where I stand, you have your bubble-gum popping, blonde haired bombshells and your rugby obsessed guys, which are few in Jameson High, but yes, they are at the bottom with me. Then you come to those who like to kiss the teacher's arses- the ones who live for books and the ones you'd find in the corner of the library.

Then we come to the Incest Crew. No jokes. I mean- fair enough they're not related- but they all look disgustingly similar. And never wash.

From there, you'd have your so called 'scene kids', the teenagers that sit in the bathrooms, taking pictures of themselves in mirrors with twatty hair extensions. Above them, we come to the deathly pale wonders, long hair, black as charcoal. Then, the misfits. They walk around in bright colours, with flashy cars covered in spray paint, massive wastes of money.

Then there's them, at the top, the untouchables. The hot people. The ones that wear casual clothes and look like models from Clandestine. The ones that have wallets as big as my house. The ones that live in places you imagine only in fairy tales. The ones that, in normal schools, you would label 'outcasts'.

Probably the only way you can relate Jameson High to the other schools is, to be popular, you have to be someone. And I'm nobody, nobody but the one that was friends with a crack whore'

Feel sorry for me?

You have no idea.

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