i still remember
that you left me years ago
and all that was left
between you and I (not u.s, mind you)
were e m p t y words
made of perfumed ink
and carved frozen hearts
because I couldn't decide back then
if I should follow y.o.u
or go my own path instead
& chase tornados, & conquer seas
& and discover new pieces of land
and even reach new horizons
although i know, that the horizon
is an imaginary line
that recedes as you approach it
(like this s i c k hide-and-seek-like game we're playing)

and all I could do right now
is try to r-e-a-c-h you
across to the other side of the world
past the seven seas
& over the wallofsilence that separate us

-although my tracking devices won't work for you anymore
cause they have long been rusted and wilted
& the astrolabe can't track (your) stars anymore
& I can't find you anywhere in my map (either)

perhaps I will never find you again

but for the last time, you need to realize
that still, whenever I try to locate you
my c.o.m.p.a.s.s goes ballistic. . .

(as usual)