Break Apart

A solitude that's eerie and still

One that on this hollow night will fill

A love so fragile it almost breaks

With each touch and kiss that he takes

Bringing with it that inescapable sorrow

Of her hidden demons of tomorrow

And hiding still is that resounding fear

To allow those who care to see her tears

A spoken trail of loves lost to the past

And of promises that were never meant to last

A window to the soul of her shattered being

With her body unfeeling and eyes unseeing

A hallow feeling of gain less worth

Every hope swallowed by the endless mirth

Her eyes once diamonds that brightly shined

Now black rifts like coal from the mine

Hiding the emotions that have run so thick

Holding those pieces that she just can't fix

Ones from a heart that lay torn and shattered

On a pile of dreams that no longer matter

That fragile love comes falling from grip

As her world once on balance dangerously tips

Sending the salvaged pieces of her heart

To break ever further apart