Never Belonging

No one hears my silently still screams,

They don't know I have hopes and dreams.

People, they look at me, and point and laugh,

I have burning desire to just cut them in half.

They treat me like I'm merely penny-worth,

I don't belong to this land, not even this earth.

I beg them to stop, and to just let me be,

Surely, they tell me, I'll never be free.

I hide in the corner and stare at the wall,

I hold on to my knees and angrily bawl.

I wish someone would wake me up from inside,

To tell me there was no need to quickly hide.

I wait long dreading nights to finally be released,

To come out of this shell which people call a beast.

Each day I wait upon my dark windowsill,

Eyes filled with clear liquid, ready to spill.