Viva la Revolution!
wielders of the future
scratch arguments in alcoves-
they will give each other (head and)
the seeds of transformation between the leaves of notebooks,
(drink to) freedom
and happiness
(and safer sex)

they're digging for lost curiousity
in the monotony of essays-
forging through weighty eyelids
towards dreams of laissez faire
(wealth, at least...)
(such glittering black cars)

one prom night photograph
of lady-like discretion
belies one thousand heated words
in (wordless) reference corners
because one camera drew
a harmless vision of teenage bliss
against the planted fountain backdrop.

til these graffiti tears betrayed them:
high school teaches the power
to rewrite a universe-
and when they learn that their sparkling world
it's back to
Viva la Revolution!

(blood, at least...)

(such glittering black guns)