Darkness itself cannot cause us to (be)lie(ve) against what we (be)hold
Only Miss Katie Javier is one who we entrust our li(v)es to
Reflections of variousone-way images that dazzleb(l)ind us
Of mirrorsmirages, fortified with lighthope & (c)le(a)ns(ed) with ray diagrams
The chemicals cannot stay f.o.r.e.v.e.r. because it must be so
Half-life is a truefalse s-s-stammer of perfectionfallacy
Yearn for v o i d if this (e)very(thing) is realendless . . .

Quoth us "Givebleed for us some more!"
Undying lessons about circuits(cycles)flowscliché
(In)terminable facts that one takes not for (g)rant(ed)
Much sounds underwent Doppler Effect &I did not even notice
Or logic gates I mastereddominatedmybeing
Regarding Physics scores and grades (n)ever mentioned & questioned
Alas! The year's curtain falls . . . we shall miss these hours!