Lifeless Doll

I'm empty

I'm hollow

I'm nothing to you


I extended my hand

in friendship

time and time again

only to have it slapped away...


..time and time again.


What else could I have done?

I cared about you.

I wanted to help you.


Not barge into your life


But you suck all the life out of me,

all the good,

all the strength,

the hope,

all the life and love,


Until I'm a lifeless doll.

Blank eyes staring into the darkness.


I am a shell now

I am a nothing now.


All thanks to you.

Because I'm just that unimportant,

insignificant creature to you.


Sorry I couldn't have helped more.

But... I'm too empty.


Hope you'll forgive me,

hope one dayyou'll miss me,