Forever Darkness

No one was ever meant to know of the supernatural, no human was to understand the secrets of witches, demons, vampires and werewolves, mortals were never to see the darkness…until somebody made a big mistake.

Imagine a yellowed newspaper with the head line 'Vampires Are Real!' and the picture of a human victim, throat ripped open and eyes open wide in a dead stare. The image changes into a magazine article, the confession of a witch who used her powers to skin a human alive. On the same page is a capture of the magic at work and the human writhing in agony. The image morphs into the front page of a newspaper and the words 'Werewolf Suicide Bombers' and see the colour picture of the mangled wreckage of the unfortunate jumbo jet.


See nothing.

You know nothing…

You are nothing…

You are of the past. This is the future. Over a hundred years in the future. The days of war with Iraq and squabbles over nuclear weapons are over. They are distant memories to the people of the future, the people of now. You lived in a time of myth and legend and lies. This is now a time of cold hard truth.

Your soul remains on earth but you are out of touch with it, you are dead, your bodies long since decayed and your souls wandering. You will listen. You will watch. But you cannot act. The world is beyond your reach. The human empires have fallen into darkness and there is nobody to rescue them.

Watch. Listen. Learn.