The talent show had ended; they were walking out of the auditorium talking about the talent. She looked into a classroom she use to attend, a feeling of time wasted came over her. Her friend seemed to not notice her look into the classroom as she went on chatting on how the talent had only been "okay" to her. She looked to her and said she agreed that it had only been "okay" but what she really thought it was brilliant.

"What time is it?" her friend asked. She looked at her cell phone and it said 9:20. The talent show had started at 7 p.m. that night so they were kind of shocked at how long it had been.

As they approached the front of the school a group of guys was heading their way. She tensed up a bit and her friend didn't seem to care. Taking out her cell phone, just in case they were to do something she followed her friend up the hill to sit against the fence as they waited for her dad. The guys walked on by only glancing at them and kept on walking down the street. A car came by and screamed at them and the guys screamed back and started chasing the car.

"This rock is wet," came her friend's voice into her head. She looked over at her friend as she was stroking the rock. She looked up into the sky and saw a shooting star flying across the sky.

"I saw a shooting star," she told her friend. Her friend looked up at her and said, "There's no such thing as shooting stars."

She looked at her friend with a bit of frustration on her face and said a bit sternly, "Have you ever seen one?"

"Well, no…" she replied. "Did you wish on it?"

She looked back up to the sky and replied, "No."

"Why?!" her friend asked with a bit of shock in her voice.

"Because wishes don't come true." She replied not taking her eyes off the sky. Her friend laughed with a bit of frustration. They sat there in silence for a minute then her friend gasped. She looked at her friend as her friend started screaming, "Oh my God! This isn't a rock! It's a snail! I've been touching a snail! Ew!"

Her friend ran down the hill and she laughed. Fearing the snail would approach her though she took the safe way down the hill, while her friend was wiping her hand on her jacket and looking at her with a bit of laughter on her face. She looked over towards the stop light only to see her dad's car coming towards them. Her friend walked up next to her and said, "Well…Today was eventful."

She laughed and said, "I guess…" as they entered the car.

AN: Yeah…Just something I thought I'd write. I don't think it's really that good but yeah. It's sweet though, right? A bit refreshing at least for me.