Through the telescope Antida was barely visible. It could hardly be seen at all and compared to the rest of the planets in the Transa galaxy, it was nothing. Yet the people who lived there, in the harsh, forever changing conditions were strong and complex. Some more than others…

100 years ago when space travel was relatively new Dr Lynne Transa and her team had discovered, not only a brand new galaxy but hospitable planets. One of these was Antida. The Transa galaxy, as it was soon named, became the first galaxy people travelled to, and Antida was the first planet to be colonised. A small, pale blue planet with a good water supply and breathable air, it originally seemed like the perfect planet to settle on. Soon, however as Antida's orbit took it further away from its neighbouring planets Sintra, Botyanai and Flay, and further away from the pale yellow sun, the winter set in.

The winter lasted for 7 Antidas months, which are slightly longer than Earth months. Hundreds died as the cold set in. A harsh, freezing mist rolled across the surface of the planet and temperatures plummeted to well below freezing. The settler's knew they couldn't stay on the surface, to watch as hundreds of people died each winter. They simply wouldn't survive for more than a few years, as the population decreased year by year. So they built four underground caverns, big enough to fit hundreds of people in, one near each of the main sectors. During the winter, everyone migrated underground where temperatures were higher, and locked the gates above them until the chill passed. Over the years, families built houses underground and the change became more familiar, until it was just another part of their lives. It was a system that worked perfectly for 100 years. It was a system everyone believed in.

The tall figure vaulted over the fence lightly and kept walking down the roughly marked out path. He ran a hand through his spiky, scruffy brown hair and then put both hands in his pockets. He walked along for quite a while, enjoying the silence, punctuated only by the singular thuds his feet made on the path. He stopped momentarily to watch a small bird soar high overhead, heading for the direction of the moors. Standing completely still for a moment, he looked straight ahead, looking for a signof the village he was heading for. He could just make out the silhouette of a tall tower, probably the town hall, against the weak glare of the sun. Sighing, he kept walking, the silence surrounding him comfortably until a sharp noise invaded his surroundings.

Pausing he turned slightly and out of the corner of his eye saw a movement, whilst at the same time, the sound of running footsteps reached his ears. A second later, something careered into him, he stumbled backwards, and his foot hit a rock. Incapable of stopping himself, the figure fell backwards, landing flat on his back, shutting his eyes as a rock jarred his spine painfully.

He opened his eyes to see two intense, forest green eyes staring down at him. Someone was lying on top of him, their face inches from him and as the person scrambled away from him, he realised it was a girl. A very pretty girl who had obviously been crying. Her dark red hair fell over her face, not quite hiding her large eyes and elegant mouth. He stared at her, taking in every detail including the tears which clung to the end of her eyelashes and the tearstains on her cheeks.

The girl stood up hurriedly and brushed her clothes down sharply.

'Anyone would think you'd never seen a girl before' she said haughtily. The boy groaned inwardly. Not another one. He raised himself up on one hand, wincing as his back throbbed painfully.

'Why were you in such a hurry?' he asked. The girl sniffed, obviously aware that he could tell she'd been crying.

'No reason. Why were you out here walking by yourself?' she responded, arching one perfectly shaped eyebrow with such ease that the boy suspected she'd been practicing it all her life.

'I'm heading for the village. I need to find somewhere to stay.' He pushed himself to his feet and stood facing the girl. He was several inches taller than her and so now she was the one looking up at him.

'So, what's your name then' she said interestedly. 'I'm Halie.' She held out a hand and the boy took it, noting the long slended fingers.

'I'm Chase.' They shook hands.

As Chase started walking again, Halie followed him, keeping up a constant stream of chatter.'I'm not sure I like my name. I mean just because our ancestors used them doesn't mean we should right? I think we should just make up our own names. What do people call you, like in school?'

Without looking at her Chase answered 'People call me Chase. Obviously. I don't go to school.'

Halie stopped, shocked. 'Not go to school!' Chase kept walking, ignoring the fact that she had stopped. She looked indignant and hurried after him. 'So why don't you go to school? I mean I had a tutor…'

'Figured as much.' He murmured.

'What was that?' Halie became suspicious.

'I was just saying that I did go to school. Until I was 17. Then I left and was supposed to go into my father's housing business. Only I didn't.'

Halie looked at him, interest written on her face 'So how old are you?'

Chase rolled his eyes 'Almost 18.'

The pair changed direction, almost unconsciously heading for the village which was now in sight. Chase looked sideways at Halie 'So are you heading for the village then?'

She nodded. 'I ran away from home.' Chase waited for her to continue, but she didn't and he looked away again. They were walking on the side of the main roadway. It ran straight through sector one, one end at the underground city behind them, the other ending at the border of the expansive moors, separating sectors one and two. They walked in silence, Halie occasionally glancing up at the tall, silent boy beside her. The village came into sight and they turned left off the road, heading for the main gates.

'It looks deserted.' Halie said quietly, looking around worriedly. Chase quickened his pace and almost ran to the gates. He tested them. Locked. 'Dammit!' he hit one hand hard against the metal gates, causing them to rattle, the sound echoing through the empty village.

Chase ran one hand through his hair as he swore under his breath. He looked as Halie exasperatedly, who looked blankly back at him. 'You don't even understand what this means do you?' he said, and then gave a derisive laugh as she shook her head. He sat down on the dusty ground, back to the gates, knees drawn up to his chest, arms resting lightly on them. Gingerly, Halie settled herself opposite and watched him, waiting for an explanation. Chase was looking sideways however,onto the main roadway and across to the area beyond. Something had attracted his attention.

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