For the first time, Halie looked critically at the boy sitting opposite her. His light brown hair stuck up in all directions and fell forward into his eyes, which were a deep oceanic blue. He was well dressed, wearing overly long jeans and a designer t-shirt, made to be slightly too big for him, although Halie could tell with a practised eye that he was strong and well built underneath it. He turned to face her and she blushed, embarrassed at being caught looking so openly. He didn't seem to notice however and when she started to defend herself, he motioned impatiently for her to be quiet.

Chase stood up slowly, alert and staring across to where a lake could be seen in the distance 'There's someone over there' he said, almost to himself. Halie scrambled to her feet, before realising how ungainly she must have looked, and flicked her hair over one shoulder, glancing sideways to see ifChase had noticed. He was still staring across at the lake though, and as Halie turned she could see movement. Slowly Chase moved forward until he was standing in the middle of the road, Halie close behind him. 'Can we move? I'm getting dusty' she complained, falling silent as Chase glared at her. Both looking now, they saw two small figures emerge from the thick undergrowth around the lake and move towards them.

A slightly taller male figure came first, with tousled fair hair and ice blue eyes which took in everything. Trailing along behind came a shorter girl who was obviously his sister. She had long curly fair hair and the same ice blue eyes, although hers were softened by the faint blush of pink in her cheeks, compared to her brothers pale skin. They walked up to Chase and stood, looking up at him. The boy had an expectant, questioning look in his eyes as he studied the older boy.

'Who are you?' Chase broke the silence suddenly.

'I'm Zed. This is Sandra.' The boy had a quiet, haunting voice which echoed through Halie's mind. She shivered.

'So what are you doing out here?' Chase asked.

The girl spoke up quietly. 'We went for a walk and we got lost on the way home. We ended up here.' With that, fresh tears began to trickle down her cheeks, to match the tearstains which already marked them.

Zed looked around and for the first time emotion crossed his face. Anger. 'Correction. I went for a walk and you followed me, like you always do' he hissed at her.

Halie interrupted. 'How old are you then?'

'Fourteen.' They both chorused, Zed shooting an angry glare at his sister as they did so. Then he turned back to the two older children. 'Why, how old are you?' he asked, his voice once again free of emotion.

'Well I'm 16 and Chase is 18.'

'If you're heading for the village,' Chase motioned back to the gates 'don't bother, they're all locked up.'

Sandra gasped. 'But that means…'

'Yes I know what it means' Chase growled. 'I'm going to the next village, if anyone wants to come, get a move on. I'm not hanging about.' With that he strode off, leaving clear footprints on the dusty road. Silently, the other three followed him.

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