maybe some signs are too easy to spot
how the road winds as we follow the days
the innumerable ways I can tell how you love
and the too often times I can tell how you'll leave

I want to ask what changed
yet I fear that if the song you sang
was not ever of the clarity I gave myself over to
then perhaps now, nothing has really changed
only reverted to the unclouded truth
and a melody not meant for me

instead of a soft thunder ground hum
of refreshment slipping soundfully to the earth
where I am just as thirsty and hold my head to the sky
this rain is falling brittle like broken pottery
and I am wordless from the partial vessels of leftover love
tongue cut and shredded from all the things I tried to say
just so you would understand, and stay

it's true, what some prophet somewhere once said
the heart is more treacherous than anything else
regardless, I cannot find it in me
to be sorry that I trusted yours