Some time before Hurricane Katrina I was writing the next big action title for my account when I came across a story that had drifted from a friend—of a friend of mine, Sasuke Kun. It sound's confusing, but Sasuke Kun started writing a story known to me as "The Drifter." When I read it, I felt instantly inspired by it because the main character had his own traits, he kicked ass at fighting, and the story was so cool that it inspired me to write "Bushido" in which was posted on the Limitbreakercrew account, which was a team I was a fan of. Being committed, I posted Bushido and for a short run it had become the highest reviewed story on the account. Before I quit momentarily, Sasuke Kun gave me the Drifter and I was so excited. Determined to write it, I couldn't keep it going and I quit the crew. During that time, I tried to bring it back. I wrote my own draft of the story which branched away, thus becoming unfaithful to the story. Now, I am going back to write it again just like Sasuke Kun did. I am really putting my best effort into this with some of the writing techniques I developed over the year at fiction press, some of my writer trademarks such as Leon's appearance with a Kevlar style vest, and the newest trademark fighting move called the fighter quick draw. This story is a merging of my Drifter and the original. One last thing, this is the hidden project of gunbladedrifter and Sasuke Kun, so this should be big for fans. Thank gunbladedrifter for making this excellent story, Sasuke Kun for continuing it, and most of all—enjoy…

The Drifter


"The time of reminiscing over loss is over. I'm coming to save you Charlotte."

The sky blasted with thunder, rain, and lightning on that cold October night. Yet even though it was misty outside, Leon Goashima still stood in the cold watching the building ahead of him. It was a big hideout of White Fang Organization's top members, so right now this was dangerous. He was going to have to rely on some of his stealth and old takedown moves his dad taught him. A guard stood in front of the building trying to light his cigarette in the cold. The lighter wasn't working, so he was already losing track by walking around to get it working. Leon was quick with scurrying across the front lawn to get prepped for his first kill. The guard tried again to light his cigarette before hearing some footsteps on the wet lawn. He held the lighter down before glancing across the front lawn. The area lit up with one strike of lightning, giving the guard a brief time period to look around.

Leon stood behind him with a hunting knife in his grip. The lightning revealed his position, but the guard was too busy trying to get the cigarette lit in order to turn around. With a quick jolt, Leon put the guard into a sleeper hold to stun him while at the same time stabbing the knife into his neck. The guard tried cope with the pain and sudden burst of vengeance as Leon forced him to the ground. His eyes rolled into the back of his head before he gained control on the ground. Leon pulled the knife out and slammed the guard down so he could glance at his killer.

Lightning struck—burning the image of Leon's vengeful self in his eyes. Leon quickly struck the guards neck with a kick to put him out of his misery. After the guard stopped breathing, he was pulled into the bushes to be out of sight. The building had three stories, so it wasn't going to be that easy getting inside. He walked to the door and glanced through to see if the coast was clear, which it was. After sneaking inside, he kept low to avoid the sight of any guards inside. After getting across the hardest part, he came to the lobby where a massive drinking binge had once taken place. There were five guards passed out on the couch with the smell of liquor. This just made it too easy! But with the advantage, Leon never once under estimated the chances that they would wake up.

It only took ten seconds to creep past the guards and towards the elevator down the hallway. The silence was interrupted by two men talking at the end of the hall. Leon had discovered that the elevator was already being guarded. Both of the guards at the end of the hall were just talking while the one on the right looked through his key ring. The one on the left had an M-16 Assault Rifle in his arms while the one on the right had the rifle on the strap around his back. Leon thought about his strategy on taking the two guards. While the guards talked, he closed in with his bare fists. He grabbed the guard on the left by the hand before bringing up his leg to kick his ribs. The guard let out a gag while the guard on the right turned to realize what was going on. He made a rush of desperation to get Leon, but this went wrong as soon as it could unfold. Leon quickly flexed his leg and did a quite athletic kick that struck the second guard in the chin.

The pressure and shock alone caused the guard to be knocked into a state of unconsciousness. Leon quickly turned to the guard he had a hold of before throwing him into the wall. The impact knocked the guard out without waking up any of the others. With the guard down, Leon quickly took his M-16 before kicking the guard's combat knife aside. Next, he went to the second guard to steal the clip in his M-16. After putting it in his Kevlar vest pocket, he pulled back the slide on the rifle to cock it. None of the guards awoke. After waiting for them to fall into a deep sleep, Leon went on through the stairs instead of the elevator. After climbing up the first flight of stairs, he came to the second floor where a meeting between crime lords was taking place. Leon didn't want to intrude so quickly because he was still not as good as he could really be.

This time he snuck around to the next flight of stairs to reach his main target—Saber. Weeks ago, Leon and his girlfriend Charlotte had gone off to Memphis where some of White Fang's members were. They got her and put up a ransom. Now, he was focused on paying that ransom with the bloody head of Saber. This was going to have to do it. The crime lords sitting in the room had left the building shortly after. Leon felt spared now. After going up the last flight of stairs, he was startled. Waiting on the top floor were seven armed men blocking the next few doors to Saber's office, so now he had to find another way. Leon was powerful and skilled for a young adult, but he never once let his skill get in the way with his strategies.

As the seven armed men walked around the room drinking coffee or doing a couple lines of yeyo, they were unaware that they were about to be struck down. The lights in the room went out, causing them to become startled.

"Check the lights. I think we might have been struck." The leader said as he reached for his single shot weapon.

The gun he was using was an old German prototype weapon that fired a shell with the equivalence of a magnum. He was an excellent gun fighter let alone a martial arts expert. His name was cryptic—The Enforcer. As the six armed men along with The Enforcer moved around the room, Leon prepared. When the next loud clash of thunder went off, Leon kicked the door in. The sound of hinges breaking made everybody lunge for their guns. Bullets fired from Leon's M-16 into the first armed guard. A total of six shots hit his chest, making an instant kill. The Enforcer jumped back while his men went in. Each of them had assumed that it was dangerous using guns in close quarters combat under dark conditions. Leon fired a sweeping burst that missed all of the guards. Lightning lit the room up for a split second to give them all the edge. The M-16 was empty, so Leon was stuck with using his fists. He was fast at blocking the first guard's fist.

The second came in, so Leon quickly threw the first guard towards him to ward him off. The third guard ran around towards the entrance to get a clear shot at Leon. The fourth guard came in with a punch rush that kept Leon tied up as he walked back. As this went on, the fifth guard ran towards the window where Leon would be. Lightning struck again just as the fifth guard came in to strike. The adrenaline had Leon pacing so fast that he looked into the fifth guard's sunglasses for the second the lightning lit up the room to see the third guard ready to fire a shot at him. Leon ducked just as the third guard pulled the trigger and watched the fifth guard get a burst of rounds. The fourth guard swung over Leon's head and was tripped with a spin kick as Leon reached the floor.

Guard numbers one and two quickly got control before running over to Leon. The third guard threw down his gun before getting in a fighting pose. Leon stood to move his arms into the new fighting stance. It appeared that he was doing some old Tai Chi maneuvers. This was Leon's transformation of spirit. After doing two quick chops he made another step forward before crossing his right arm. Next, he swung his left in between the arch created in his right arm and lifted it up. Finally, he clenched his left hand into a fist when the next lightning bolt struck. The room lit up to give Leon the edge in beating the guards. He first ducked under guard number one's clothesline before locking up with the second guard. The second guard tried to move away, but in the time he squirmed Leon did a palm strike to his forehead that snapped his neck in two. After dropping the dead guard, he quickly twisted around to deliver a kick to the fourth guard as he rose up.

The kick knocked the fourth guard back against the window where he shattered it, thus fell to his death. The last two guards rushed in, so Leon was brief with disposing of them. As the first guard ran in, Leon did an almost in human jump up into the air where he kicked the guard in the neck to kill and in effect get the momentum to strike the third and final guard. The third guard jumped up at Leon. As the two were in mid air, Leon pulled off a death blow with his right leg that twisted the third guard's neck around. The guard was pushed back towards the light switch where his corpse landed. Leon hit the ground and the lights turned on.

"Nice…" The Enforcer said as he clapped. "You did a good job."

"You've made a fatal mistake by not helping your men stop me." Leon said with his somewhat gruff voice.

"Ok boy, what is it you've come here for?"

"I've come for my girlfriend," Leon glanced at the Beretta on the coffee table, "and Saber's head!" He quickly kicked the coffee table in two, causing the Beretta to fly up towards him where he caught it, did some quick spins, and pointed it at The Enforcer.

"Well then, you'll just have to get through me!"

The Enforcer lifted his gun and fired the first shot. Leon was able to turn his head and dodge it. Upon doing so he unloaded on The Enforcer who was able to dodge the shots by doing a few back flips. Leon had a few bullets left, so he focused on making a clear shot. The Enforcer flipped once more in the air before pulling out a grenade tucked underneath his coat. Leon noticed it. As the Enforcer landed, he threw the grenade towards Leon. Seeing this, Leon lifted up the gun and fired his last shot at the grenade. The bullet set it off—sending the two flying backwards with the shock. The Enforcer landed on his back before sliding up against the wall. Leon was able to wave his arms and fall while sitting up. The two faced each other then jumped to their feet.

"I'm impressed! You've really given me a run for my money! What's your name?" The Enforcer asked.

"The name's Leon Goashima, I'm a drifter. What's you name?" Leon replied.

"The Enforcer." He quickly rushed at Leon. "Remember that, because it will be the name of the one who kills you!"

Leon got into his fighting stance and rushed in. The two got into hand to hand combat, fighting while the dead bodies lay beneath them. Leon ducked under The Enforcer's first strike before pushing it aside. The Enforcer smiled and came in with a rib strike that pushed Leon back a few feet.

"I'm much faster than you!" the Enforcer exclaimed.

"Ok, then let's settle this you son of a bitch!" Leon yelled as he caught his breath.

The two crouched down before sticking their hands out. They got close to grappling, but instead they tried to track each other's sudden movements in this fight. Leon was a little shaky, but he kept on his feet. The two made a step—Leon stepped back startled while The Enforcer stepped forwards. Leon changed position so that his right hand would be lined up with The Enforcer's left. The two were silent as they planned their moves. The Enforcer swung his fist while Leon went under. The two were back to back, but Leon had the initiative. The two turned their heads just enough to glance at each other. Leon swung his leg up and knocked The Enforcer out with a spin kick to the face. The Enforcer fell to the ground, dropping his gun. Leon quickly checked his pulse to see it was out still beating, but he didn't want to kill him. It was Saber he was after. The first thing he did was kick The Enforcer's gun beside before approaching Saber's office.

Beyond this door was his rival that played the key role in this kidnapping. If Saber wasn't aware that Leon was on his way, then maybe there would be a little bit of a chance. But with all of the gunshots, yelling, and the loud explosion, it would be pretty hard not to notice. With not a weapon on him, Leon rushed in by quickly opening the door because kicking them down hurts like a bitch when you do it too many times. Oddly enough when he got inside, the only person in the office was in a chair facing the wall with a corded phone.

"No Liona, it's just somebody trying to break in again. Take a break for a little bit… Oh, who is it?" the voice from the man in the chair said before turning to face Leon. "Old company. I'll handle it… Liona, trust me on this one… OK, good night… Bye…"

The man hung up the phone before turning to Leon in his spinning chair. It was Saber, and as usual he was dressed as if he just got back from dinner at a five star restaurant rather than being dressed for battle.

"So I guess you've come here for Charlotte?" Saber asked.

"You guessed right." Leon said as he popped his knuckles.

"Mister Goashima, we've been through this multiple times. Bring the ransom money, and we'll give her back." Saber completely turned to face Leon. "Your attempt to break in and save her will get you BOTH killed. I'll make sure of that."

"Do you know that people who talk big are pussies when it comes to fighting, right?"

The words struck Saber like a rocket, causing him to immediately lift his sword to invoke violence.

"Then I guess you really want to fight me?" Saber said as he held his sword up over his shoulder.

Leon was unarmed, but he was fast enough to dodge the blade. Saber got the initiative by swinging his blade straight forwards—causing the sheath to fly off and strike the wall behind Leon. While his opponent was distracted, Saber stood up out of his chair before kicking the desk as hard as he could. The desk slid across the hard tile floor quicker than expected. Leon jumped back and kicked off the wall to get the momentum to lunge over the desk. The desk hit the door while Saber put his sword blade down along his leg. As Leon landed on the ground, Saber tried to thrust the sword forwards, but Leon was just fast enough to make a side step. As he did, he used this moment to try and throw a punch at Saber. It missed due to his quick reflexes. Leon made a step forward, leaving his back faced to his opponent.

Saber sung the blade horizontally. Leon was just quick enough to do a flip over it and come down with his opponent open. He delivered the first strike with an open palm thrust. The thrust hit Saber in the chest and knocked him back into a filing cabinet. Upon hitting it, the drawers flew open just as it tipped over. Adjacent papers, glass broken from cases and figurines on the counter began to spread around the room. Saber used the debris from one of the drawers by kicking it up at Leon. As it flew closer, Leon swung his left arm to knock it out of the way while at the time Saber ran towards him. When the drawer was smacked back, Leon was struck across the chest by a swipe from the blade. A small stream of blood sprayed on the floor just as it left his body. He quickly back up just as Saber examined the blade.

"Ah, the blood of an enemy." Saber said before running his tongue across the blade. "It's a battle tradition of ancient warriors. Consuming the blood of your opponent is like taking their soul. Right now, you've lost your real strength. But me, I get so tied up in battles I lose track of my opponents, and they all end up dying the same when I plan a big death for my most hated." Saber swung the blade one last time to shake the blood off. "Where were we mister Goashima?"

"We're at the part where I get my second wind and kill you." Leon said as he caught his breath.

Leon braced himself as Saber closed in. As Saber swung his blade, Leon kicked his foot up to bring the sheath up to his hands. After grabbing it, he swung it forwards and got Saber's blade stuck in it. Saber watched as Leon effortlessly swung the blade out of his grip and towards the pile of trash. Now with the blade out, Leon quickly gained the advantage of the match even with the bleeding body. The first move he made was a punch to the face that took Saber by surprise. This made him startled, leaving him open for a few quick strikes. Leon elbowed Saber back before glancing over at the sword. It was obvious by now that Saber wasn't much of a fighter without his sword.

"Why did you even come back? Charlotte isn't here and White Fang won't hand her over without the ransom." Saber said as he tried to catch his breath.

"I know I wouldn't get her back by now. But I've come here to do what I've come here to do." Leon said as he pulled out his hunting knife from his sheath.

Now it was safe to use the knife since bringing a knife to a sword fight was a really dumb idea. Saber tried not to make any sudden movement as he looked into a mirror near the door to see a person standing on the balcony behind him. Leon didn't notice it, but Saber saw it as his last hope at the moment. As Leon stepped forwards, shots from an Uzi shattered the window and struck him in arms and chest. He fell to the ground covered in his own blood while the gunman on the balcony stepped in.

"Excellent work. I thought you would have come here quicker." Saber said as he searched for his sword.

"I didn't want to cramp your style boss!" the gunman said jokingly.

Leon's Kevlar vest had stopped some of the bullets, giving him some hope since the gunshots startled Saber. He quickly jumped to his feet with his bloody arms and threw the hunting knife into the gun man's head. The man fell, dropping his Uzi. Saber quickly turned to Leon and saw him reach for the gun. As Leon took aim, Saber ran towards the balcony and made a jump over the edge. By the time Leon had reached the edge to kill Saber, he saw that he had disappeared.

"Fuck!" Leon screamed as he threw the gun down. Still weary from battle, he didn't stop. Instead of sitting around, he just grabbed the gun and walked away from the building ready to face more guards. But now it didn't matter. "I'll find you Charlotte. Just hold on, I promise I'll find you."

"Till we meet again…"

Next Chapter:

"Hold up"

"Two years passed by faster than I could imagine, but I made a promise to fulfill. Upon my journey, I came to diner with my revolver only find out it was being held up, with me stuck inside. I'll get out of here, they can't be that good of thieves."

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