Infant who climbed over my shoulders

Boy who ran over the roof like a goat

and through trees like a squirrel

You fell in my pond and didn't touch

bottom until the other side.


Carried the world on

a ten year old back

Never stopped

Never looked back

Made of concrete and steel


You brought pretty girls

Like a proud cat

leaving a mouse on the step

Worked like aTrojan

and never kept a dollar


If I was your island

in your sea of grief

You were my gem

found shining on the beach

and now you are a ship

sinking beneath the horizon

Dressed in green

with a black beret


I hear the pipes Dannyboy

They call you

and I want to

stop them with dirt

and beat the man

who uses you so poorly


Let me hold you

before you leave.

Climb over my shoulders

and swim my pond.

It is the strong one's

turn to weep.