He's left me empty inside,
Wondering if there's anything better to live for.

I'm cold,
Chilled to the bone,
Can't warm up…

Not to mention I hurt.
This hurt isn't the kind that you can put a band aid on,
But the kind that gnaws at your heart from the inside.

He's got a girlfriend,
Claims he loves her,
And I keep getting crushed.

I should be used to this,
It shouldn't effect me…
But it does.

It does every day I seem them together at school,
Holding hands,
And Even talking.

So I've decided,
I shouldn't feel anything over him,
But it's not that easy when I see him everyday.

I've made myself cold,
Unfriendly to talk to,
Withdrawn from my friends…

I'm in a daze,
One that I can't snap out of,
Though I truly wish I could.

My heart beats,
Throbs… Aches for him,
And I can't make it stop,
Though I truly wish I could.

Stop making me feel empty inside,
It really hurts.

It's quite lonely, too,
Being empty for you.