The rope

She has cried herself to sleep before

So it won't matter if it happens once more

She spent one day with him

And her love for him grew within

The more time they spent together

The more she knew that he was there to stay forever

She talks to him through out the day

And she tries to keep her words at bay

But when she doesn't its all right

There is no reason for her to fright

Cause he loves her anyway

She's just gotta remember to pray

She feels so alone

Hiding away things she wished she had shown,

To the one that she can trust

She feels as though she must

So she begins to speak

Even though she appears to be weak

She takes a deep breath

And prays her secret won't bring her to death

She spoke of the things concealed

And through the very few words of 10, she was revealed

They did not turn away as expected

But they actually respected

She wondered why

They had trusted her and why they held her as she cried

She couldn't help but listen to the things untrue

So they pointed out their view

She didn't believe for very long

But it did teach her to be strong

She then reflected on her day

And began to once again hate herself without delay

She spoke of her mistakes

And put her friendship up at stakes

She blamed herself for not knowing

And then she completely started not showing

Anything at all

And there is where she began to fall

She is now stuck in remorse

And there is no source

Now only two people know

And now the other besides God is trying to bring her out of her woe

Nothing that the other person does

Erases what was

She feels so mean

Because she ignores what she has seen

Ignores everything from all the ones she loves

She tries to break off the gloves

But they appear to be glued on tight

And the dark is overtaking the light

She longs to tell what is alive in her

But it's all becoming a blur

Due to the darkness that consumes

So she stays in the rooms

Where she can not be seen or heard

And can spread her wings like a bird

Uh-oh, a another incident has occurred

And there is not another word

She hides inside and everyone forgets

And then she regrets

About a month later

The hate for herself and struggling is much greater

Another human forces her to spill

And it all goes further down hill

She feels immature

For she is demure

And now another knows

And the remind her how He died and rose

The first one forgot about her

Because she pretended to transfer

So still only another and God are understanding to what she holds back

And she gives herself a good smack

She tries to fight away

So the knowing human may stray

The knowing human won't depart

Until she has a clean mind and heart

So then the knowing human says "you need help"

And she let out a yelp

The knower said "you need prayer, in person

Before things begin to worsen

You are far down

And are just about to drown

I will not let that occur

Because things will stir

This is messing with your belief

And I won't let you suffer this grief"

In response the girl got scared

And regretted even more that she shared

She then began to avoid the knowing someone

In fear that they will tell another son

She believes that God knowing is enough

The person then began to get rough

They told her to stop talking

So that she can continue walking

When her faith is being played around by dark the dark army

Her self worth goes smarmy

She at times on a rare occasion

She doesn't listen to the invasion

For the past few weeks she has been in torment

Because it fells to her as if the darkness hits her in the head with cement

Now, she ignores even her best friend

Because the evil force tells her not to talk to her until she is back in blend

She listens partly

And not very smartly

She listens to things that will make her upset

Because the dark tells her that her best friend is evil, but yet

She also listens to the things that upset her friend

For she will love her until the very end

So she still is caring of her buddy

And listens to the things that make her want to be bloody

She doesn't however

Listen to the things that she should lever

She should think about how awesome she is

But she doesn't because the darkness is a whiz

The darkness lies so much

And they have her so far into their clutch

She gets mad at people when they say a complement

Because she thinks that it is all resent

And all anyone does when the say good things

Because she thinks that they are like puppets on strings

And thinks that they are just trying to be nice

And she makes a vow not to fall into this twice

She is sick of being told lies

So she closes her eyes

And prays that God takes away the darkness and gives her strength

And to help her eliminate the evil at each length

A few weeks later

She is so lost she is confused on the indicator

She wonders about her life

And is almost to a strife

But, she resists

And falls into some drifts

Now she is floating

And sick of quoting

Now, she is on the verge of giving in

And not fighting the lies within

But she stays alive in strength of mind

And just tries to unwind

She tries to lose the darkness that is so consuming

And very zooming

But she fails

And then desires to fall into the trails

The trails of other self loving being

And wishes to be hearing and seeing

Every good thing that people say

To keep her words at bay

To the very first one who knew

So she tries to do what they went through

She used to think

That they forgot about her so she began to sink

For she knew that they could never forget her

Because of what were

So then she seriously tried

And the darkness slowly died

Then a few days soon after

The darkness tries again with laughter

And now she is lost

And sick of being tossed

She is holding onto a rope

That is at no slope

On each end there is something

On both ends there is something that tends to cling

One end there is her God

With love in his heart in a never ending squad

On the other end there is the evil

Who brings her down with upheaval

She is stuck in the middle

And sick beyond belief of being in this riddle

Passed left and right, up and down

She feels like a clown

She doesn't know what to do now

And she's sick of breaking that vow

She knows she needs a lending prayer

So she can defeat this bear

But she is to afraid

To ask for help to end the cascade

So she stays stuck in guilt

Trying to get rid of the dark army that she had built

Alone she stands

As she folds her hands

And apologizes to God for letting the army surpass her

As she again alone tries to transfer