Have you ever needed something you didn't need?
(Like the fluffy blue crocodiles that exist only in my dreams. I think.)

Have you ever crushed your crush?
(I have.)

Have you ever said something that you never wanted to take back?
(Like telling your teacher they were despicable and heartless.)

Have you ever wanted something you couldn't have?
(Like candy at the counter for twenty-five cents.)

Have you ever cried over something pointless?
(Like the ice cream cone I dropped on the tree.)

Have you ever been silent when you were screaming and kicking underneath?
(Every day.)

Have you ever destroyed someone's dreams by accident?
(On Saturday. When I got first place.)

Have you ever hurt anything with the intentions to kill?
(Like my hand.)

Have you ever wished for someone to die and it happened?
(Nope. Not yet.)

Have you ever watched other's pain with no emotion?
(My mother's.)

Have you ever wished for something to come true?
(Like the pink elephants I prayed for.)

Have you ever died while you were alive?
(Like the time when you left. Left me all alone.)

And have you ever truly lived without the haunting memories buried deep inside?
(Well, let me tell you a secret, neither have I.)