AN:: This was written for the Reflections contest at school trying to fit the theme: "Wouldn't it be strange if...?". So, that's why this thing is kind of weird. Anyway, please review, I'd really appreciate it! ^^ Asta!

The final piece in your piano recital. Your fingers gently but swiftly glide over the white and black keys, submitting sound into the silent air around you. You complete your serenade and expectantly, the crowd rises and lifts their hands for applause. Under the bright lights of the stage, you wait for the booming and shattering claps of those around. You wait and nothing is heard, not even the soft whimper of an impatient child held tightly by its mother. Everything is still and it's as if the breath of life was suddenly sucked out of the room... and was replaced with stillness. A deadly, frightening stillness.

You yourself cannot even move from your mid-bow position, gazing into the crowd. You can't blink... you can't even feel anymore. It's as if time has suddenly frozen. In fact, time did freeze. There is no wind, no sunlight, nothing. The only thing you can see is the half-face of your old, metal watch. It is the only thing that is moving... ironically enough. Time stops and your watch continues to move. The second hand is constantly stuck between seven and eight seconds, moving forward and back, back and forth.

You aren't exactly sure if you're dreaming or not. It's not real what you're feeling. Then again, you can't feel at all. You try to scream for help, what a thoughtless idea. No one is alive to answer your plea. The constant ticking of the watch, you can hear it... but it isn't sound your ears detect. The watch is pulsing; you can suddenly feel its movements. As you stare down at your watch once more, you can almost see ripples of air moving across the void you are living.

A warm rush surges through the tips of your feet and slowly manifests itself into your kneecaps, your waist, and finally, you can feel the warmth flow to the last strand of your hair. The feeling was unexplainable; it was almost as if all of the sunlight in the vast universe was trapped inside your veins and was flowing through you all at once. You stand up, and blink out the stiffness you had felt. Maybe you are dreaming after all. Everything seems beyond logic and yet, everything you feel seems so real. There is still that deafening silence around you and your audience is still. The peace and serenity you feel is beyond logic, unexplainable. In the back of your mind you hear yourself think that you hope they never move again.

Every step you take up the scarlet, velvet aisles causes rushes of air to scurry away from their places as mice do in neglected wooden buildings. Oh, the quiet around you. All the faces you see around you are almost frightening, frozen in amazement, eyes glazed over as if everyone in the room had become blind. The inquiries running through your mind are light rushing through the universe's depths. Had everyone else felt the same things you did? Are those people staring at you dead or just merely trapped within time?

The pulsing you feel in your wrist suddenly stops. The second hand is caught directly between the seven and eight seconds. Then you feel the rush of air and see the waves upon waves of nothingness flowing swiftly toward the crowd. The sound you hear is unbearable, like a scream of an innocent child magnified 100 fold. As the ripples of sound flow over the crowd, row after row of human beings explode into nothingness, shattering like china dolls caught in an atom bomb. First the back row of people and within five seconds the sound reaches the front row where your parents, relatives, and friends are all ready for applause. You watch and tremor with fear as the waves of sound smash up to your face...

And do nothing. The sound washes right over you as waves do in the cool ocean. The screams are gone and there are no echoes that follow. You're alone now, nothing is left in what once used to be a concert hall covered in red carpets and black chairs. All you used to see around you has just become a blanketing white. Pure white. Everything was wiped out and you are the only one left. You're all alone in a vast world of nothingness, another dimension. Slowly, you walk back up what used to be the center aisle of the concert hall and continue your journey into the void that lies ahead of you, forever walking, and forever thinking, Wouldn't it be strange if time was suddenly frozen?