Memories Never Die

I knew you vaguely from gatherings,

I saw you each day at school,

But I never realized

What I was missing.

It started with a poem,

A song,

A sigh.

I registered that you were familiar,

But never made the connection

That you'd be the one who'd steal my heart away

Then I started thinking about you when I passed you at school,

Noticed you at large parties,

Looked forward to the times

When I'd see you again.

I tried to convince myself

"He's not the one.

Too cute,

Too cool,

Too out of my league."

Yet I couldn't stop thinking about you.

I tried to ignore

My heart's tugging

Leading me blindly

To you.

Like a drunk to alcohol,

I needed you more and more.

I became dependent on you.

Fed off of your words,

Lived off of your eyes,

Those beautiful eyes

So wide,

So kind.

So deep,

So enchanting.

Then you were gone,

The big finish over,

No more hours

Of staring at you, misty-eyed.

All I had left

Were memories.

Many, full of

The good,

The funny,

The shocking.

I gathered these up;

Scattered marbles,

Wandering clouds,

Floating in the breeze.

I still saw you

At school,

At church.

But never for as long a time

Or as intimate.

Now, as you battle this disease

That you, of all people, inherited

You're far, far away

Far from me.

I searched my mind

Looking for the times

When you were funny,



All I have

All I have now are memories

That's all.

No passing you at school,

Few times I see you anywhere.

Now I truly live off memories

Fueling my days,

My sleepy nights.

I miss you more than the earth,

The moon,

The sun.

I know I'll see you again

In my memories, for

Memories never die.